Out Now On Radio, Online: Take The Wheel – Bond & Fortune Spice [Download and Lyrics]

In June 2016, we featured a new musician, a member of Able 4 group who was working on some solo projects. Little did we know that the song “Melodies” would quickly become a listener’s favourite leading to his nomination at the just concluded Victoria Gospel Academy (VIGA) Awards in the category as one of the most promising male Gospel musicians. It appears, the Meteorologist by profession Matsiko Bond Muhwezi, who is popularly known as Bond, is not slowing down.

Toward the end of 2016, he revealed to us exclusively that he was working on a single with Fortune Spice. Knowing the kind of musician Fortune Spice is, we concluded that this single – which he told us would be named “Take The Wheel,” would be hot. Ahead of its released, we wrote and promised to share the song once it was released online and on radio.

Take The Wheel - Bond ft Fortune Spice.

Take The Wheel – Bond ft Fortune Spice.

In case it is not too obvious once you have downloaded and listened to “Take The Wheel,” the song is about the prodigal son or daughter returning home. It starts of with Bond reminiscing about a time when “I really wanted you (God). Got to my knees and prayed,” but now… The person has lost their first love and is making a deep cry to God for help, mercy and grace, saying “Take The Wheel Oh Lord. Drive me home.”Such is the simplicity of the song, the message is clear, and the melodies (pun unintended) are on point in this “Take The Wheel” single.

Bond takes the lead on the first two verses and choruses. When you are certain he is about to head into the bridge, you are introduced to Fortune Spice who instantly gives the song a climax. A veteran in songwriting, Fortune Spice who was nominated in VIGA Awards among the best songwriters of this generation easily delivers his signature raga/dancehall type of vocals in Take The Wheel. You might even wish he had sang a little more. That worry is addressed when he owns the outro as well. By the time the song is done playing, all you want to do is hit the repeat-button on your music player.

Take The Wheel is a brilliant song from two musicians, and now, we think you might want to listen for yourself.

Download – Take The Wheel – Bond ft Fortune Spice.


TAKE THE WHEEL LYRICS – Bond ft Fortune Spice.



Nkwata aha mukono Yesu wanjye

Verse 1

There were days when I really wanted you got to my knees and prayed

Oh yeah craving your presence every day just reading the bible

But now I’ve lost my faith and trust and my first love

I don’t wanna go a stray so help me God


I thought that I could do without you lord

I thought that I could turn away ah ah aah

I was caught up in a mess oh yeah

It got me thinking of how I made a fool of my self lord


take the wheel the wheel or lord

Drive me home home or lord

take the wheel the wheel or lord

Drive me home home or lord

Verse 2

Many times I didn’t consult you never ever even thought of you

Many times I could have prayed to you but never ever did want to know

Yet you love and forgave you washed my sins away

Am sorry lord for misrepresenting you misrepresenting you



Verse 3

Nzitoweledwa nzikakanye ebyali bimpaga mbilokose

Munsii kwekaza banji bekaza nayenga guli moto

Olimpewo eguzikiza yegwe anungamya

Nsonyiwa taata kibe nga bwosiimye nkulembela



Wotaba mukama wotaba

Bulikimu kyesiba

A Fortune again


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