Fortune Spice Hitting Airwaves With No Mercy, Says Writing Secular Music Is So Hard.


Fortune Spice Hitting Airwaves With No Mercy, Says Writing Secular Music Is So Hard

First of all, a couple of people in our circles agree that Fortune Spice is one of the most underrated artistes. Fortune connotes to wealth, prosperity and riches. A spice is simply an ingredient added in food to give it flavor. He said that his name is symbolic of the extra flavour he adds to Gospel music.

2016 is showing a lot of promise for him with Kulukuta being termed as one of the best, if not the best Urban Gospel songs so far and his Daala single making rounds on radio. He is a baker. He bakes cake during the day. When he revealed this, he sounded happy about doing this. Of course this was met with excitement from the cake-loving Sunday Breakfast show host Reagan W. Semuko popularly referred to by his Twitter handle @Snipet7 and his listeners.

Fortune Spice has been spicing up the gospel music industry way before the breakaway hit Sida Mukyalo which many do not know he did a great job in creating. He released a single with Phila titled Nabila which made rounds on DJ mixes and followed it up with Nkwambale. Both of these songs are some of the best music you will listen to from a Ugandan musician. There is a recurring theme in most of Fortune Spice’s music.

Audio: Kulukuta – Fortune Spice x Coopy Bly

Fortune Spice’s music is born out of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In all honesty, there’s little of Gospel Music that gives you this impression nowadays. It you take away the beats which are a good contributor to the beauty of these songs, you will still have a message to take home. Take for example Kulukuta which he wrote and worked with his friend Coopy Bly, the song is a prayer for an overflow of God’s spirit.

In Daala which he released almost at the same time with Kulukuta, Fortune Spice tells of God’s faithfulness in taking him from glory to glory. The Dancehall and reggae artiste who occasionally delivers Afrobeat songs only met his father in 2015. He gives all the credit to God for his writing gift and says, “When I listen to my own lyrics, I feel like running away from them. I can’t believe I’m the one who wrote it.”

Audio: Daala – Fortune Spice

Fortune Spice who says writing secular music is so hard also promised that he would not be a one-hit wonder. He has had steady progress and says his lyrics are more mature now that a few years before. He is one artiste you should apologize for not knowing and should go out of your way to find and add his music to your playlist.

We highly recommend Fortune Spice. He is working on a music video for Ddala. If it is much better than the one for Nkwambale, we will feature it here. Peace. All the best.


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