Uganda’s Bond (Able 4), A ‘New’ Musical Sensation – Melodies.

Bond is Uganda’s newest musical sensation. Saying this about an artiste after listening to only one single is a big risk. We are willing to take that risk because, this musician made us forget everything we were doing to pay attention. Quite honestly, we also wanted to be the first to write about Bond. Quick question, is he actually called Bond? Yes. That is his middle name. His full name is Matsiko Bond Muhwezi.

Our first question during this interview/chat was, “Where have you been hiding all this while?” We were wondering why such a talented young lad is/was unknown to us? How can we not know? If we didn’t know, it was perhaps because of time and chance did not allow it. Anyway, that aside, our chat continued. He said, “I’ve been around, pushing my music.” What did he mean?

Bond (Able 4) - Audio Produced By Andy

Bond (Able 4) – Audio Produced By Andy

Bond commented, “I’ve been with Able 4 for some time now. I am doing a few solo projects and I have just started pushing my single Melodies.” Our response was that of surprise, saying, “Wait! You were with Able 4? Like Dezmond, who is doing a few solo projects too?” The answer is, yes. Able 4 still has songs in studio which is not yet released.

Back to Bond, the solo artiste. He worked with one of the top audio producers, Andy Muzic of Buddies Studios. How did this happen? Well, according to Bond, he was connected to the producer by his sister, Harmony Kyomugisha. Now, pause! Harmony Kyomugisha was a Coca-Cola Rated Next contestant and was a contestant in the Airtel Trace Music Star competition.

Born to Mr Muhwezi Fenny Bwesigye, his father and mother, Dr. Everline Komutunga, Bond is blessed to have been raised by loving parents who are both alive. About his childhood, Bond said, “My experience growing up wasn’t bad. But I used to have moments where I missed my mother as a child. My parents are not together now. I stayed with my mother up to three years then left to live with my dad. I used to visit my mother, though once in a while. Those were some of the best moments in my life. As I grew older, I started to see the fact that my parents are not together as a blessing. I had two loving families.”

“I shares a dad with five other children and my mother with four children. So all together we are 10 children. I finished P7 from Bweranyagi Junior School, went to Kigezi High School for my form 1, finished my form 4 from Manchester High School Kisaasi and my form 6 from Kingsway High School kitende.”

It was after his senior six that he went to First Love studio which was recommended by class mate called Lydia, to work on one of the songs I had written while in school. “Through First Love I got to meet Able 4 a group I later joined. That’s how I got into the music industry. Since childhood I have always loved listening to music. There were songs that I sung to lighten my mood like true colours, sleeping child and others. I see myself spreading the gospel through good music on both national and international scenes.”

We are happy to write about Bond. His Melodies song will get you making melodies in your heart.

Listen below and tell us what you think of it.


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