Introducing Kali 21 and his Music Basing On Two songs – My Soul and Baliwa

Introducing Kali 21 and his music basing on these two songs

We here at Ug Gospel Life could have interviewed him and asked specific questions, but not today. We will do it a little differently. We will try to let his music and how he handles his words make the introduction. It can be said that Kali 21 was on a sabbatical, let us call it a hiatus, during the second half of 2016. It was however revealed (in subtle ways) to us that he would release more music in 2017. His previous works include Flying Colours, Enough, Rise and DARE.

Fast-forward to a few days ago (in January 2017) when the artwork, then the song Baliwa was released. Loosely translated from Luganda, it is simply asking the question “Where are they?” We beg to readdress the question to Kali 21, “Where have you been? The Hip-hop heads have missed you.”

Have you ever listened to a musician, in this case, rapper and instantly knew they were good? Kali 21 is one of those we have always known is great behind the mic – even though this is his first feature here. The Baliwa rapper is one who seems to care about creating something that is both authentic to who he is and his strengths, as well as that which will resonate with the Hip-Hop/Rap music lovers. We made this deduction after reading between the lines in Baliwa, and ‘watching’ him enjoy himself with the song “My Soul.”

While preparing for this article, it took about six hours of passively listening to the song while finalising another unrelated article for Baliwa to sink in. It is that deep. Word Xclusive did a great job on the production. In fact, during the six hours, the beats kept me going. I would occasionally use the few minutes of my work-break to try to decode the song.

Kali 21 - Baliwa

The fact that Kali 21 used Luganda in the chorus and in one of the verses immediately makes Baliwa one of the most memorable. Later on, a debate in a private conversation went along the lines of, “I think my Luganda is better than yours.” This, of course, was a joke from this side. On the real though, Kali 21’s word-play in his native language Luganda was unique. About uniqueness, do not think that because his rapping was in Luganda it passes for Lugaflow. No! We think that this song might in fact be for a specific audience that will be able both to get the message and love the flow style. 

You might want to pay close attention to Baliwa. Shots fired!!!

In his own words,

“In short Baliwa is addressing the fact that one need not mind about the doubt and its agents but rather keep pursuing their life purpose. In the end doubt is overcome.” We might just add that this doubt is sometimes spread by naysayers and those who should be looking out for you, or in this case, the industry.

Let us now talk about “My Soul.” It was released a few weeks into the New Year, 2017. However, it was sent to us at almost the same time as Baliwa.

There was a time gap between the above words and what was written below because, it was decided that “My Soul” had to be enjoyed before it could be described.

Three or four days later, your writer is still uncertain about which song is better. Can one ever listen to two songs released by a musician in the same span of time without debating this? “My Soul” was produced by Lawraid and we must commend him, he did great. If we could recommend just one of the two songs, My Soul would take it. But why must you choose? Kali 21 has given you two songs in 2017. We are more than certain he is up to something. Our own sentiments after adding this music to the hottest of 2017 is, no Christian Hip-Hop/Rap music concert will be complete without kali 21. We are loving his music. 

What is he working on? Read on… 

This statement, which Kali 21 availed to us explains the hiatus in the second half of 2016, what he is working on at the moment and whether these songs are part of a project and whether we should expect one in the near future.

“Last year (2016) the intention I had was to release an EP. I wrote the songs – about 8. I got ready to start production but I accidentally deleted them without mastering most in my mind – that is, without memorizing what I had written. This threw me off-balance but I committed to getting back quickly although it still stung. I had put a lot of thought into the concept.

Anyway, moving on, I decided to start writing and getting into production again. I might not say yet if I am compiling a body of work. I am simply in a state of putting out music and I want to go on doing this. If intent turns towards making it a body of work, then I will do that.

As of now, I just want to put out music, serve those rocking with me, wake up those who were but because of the long pause, are sleeping on the new music and expand the music or as I like to refer to it lately, The Powers, to an even wider audience.

Music is challenging and therefore fun. I wouldn’t trade it for an opinion or anything because I need this, this is purpose.”

Music Downloads

Baliwa – Kali 21

My Soul – Kali 21

Song Lyrics

Baliwa – Kali 21 Song Lyrics

Baliwa Lyrics


The Mind

Kali 21

Brain Cell… Hit it

Verse one:

Bbabo babiwempe, abo.. Basiluwadde pause

Is how they used to sing or say

But now he is building over their words they can’t take that weight

So they tryna come up with scams and blogs

Tryna figure how the money done came

Forgotten the promise of he who promised to build his house on the rock

What? Wavy

These talkers are trends little time they trend i.n.g

But time is up that talk gon… E.n.d

They fresh in the present but the gifts gone bad

Unsustainable so we out last them big t.i.m.e

Switch up

The only reason for some of these ratings yo fav emcees is bse this kind dont get the air play

For some of these policies most radios make the air whack all day

So we figure we take the air out air out

To an internet date with a real sound deejay, the fans, we liberated our sound

We no longer slaves to how or what they play yea

Or what they play yea

We no longer slaves to how or what they play yea




Balingangawano, baliwa?

Tebatukilizza yea

Balingangawano na na naaa

Mbuzza baliwa?

Balingangawano, baliwa?

Tebatukilizza, baliwa?

Babelangawano na na naaa

Mbuzza baliwa?

Verse two

Abawanguzzi balagu ku ndaggu

Tukola nokukilizza leero enkya makungula

Tulyakko enkya nokwosee’nkya

Netuddamu nera era nera

Owenyanya ezengedde nebigambo aba nabigyi

Bano abogezzi tebawangala, mere ya leero…

Nalibakulazze naye atte , tebasuzzewo…

Eh balingangawano

Mbawuliira ne muweema yo mwebali neleero

Bibabisikilizze biwangala lwakyitangalakyo!

Forward match…

Tebilabikkako mukilo-tto-kyo

Noreekyo sukkuluma sukkuluma kuba nanyini byo…



Bibebitono wooh!

Balingangawano, eeeeh, babelangawano

Mbuzza baliwa?

Chorus Repeat Chorus

Verse three

It’s funny when you looking for shade

They show you their true colours forgotten am an artist

Me too I can do this canvas

But ma colours were passion ma colours are persistence

I didn’t sign on to this

To be on some kind of passivity

Man a try to blow out another man’s candle

Quickly doesn’t he know he’s blessed too?

To focus all his energies on lighting and shinning in his own light thou

On lighting and shinning in his own light thou yea

These non-believers believe in their disbelief

Arrow focused I bend a knee and recharge on God’s promises

People with nothing to say, man always find a way to say it

But we are renegades

Raise a generation through music

We a regenerate

Despite the degenerates

Can’t feel the hate they generate

It’s nothing really heaven sent

They vapour evaporates

They used to hang around here X 2

Mbuza, baliwa?

Chorus Repeat Chorus


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