Full List Of VIGA 2017 Award Winners: Coopy Bly Scoops Top Accolades

Victoria Gospel Academy (VIGA) awards winners were announced at Imperial Royal in a function that showed improvement in comparison to the previous editions. If the organisers take it a notch higher, much higher, there is no limit to what VIGA Awards could be. We would like to congratulate all the winners. Taking the direction of ‘this is who the musician/personality we thought should have won in a particular category’ will only create the impression that, the effort of everyone else who did not win was futile without the award. They all worked hard. Some were awarded, others not. Our message to the musicians it to keep ministry the center of it all, and to continue producing great quality works.

We would love to thank all the musicians, DJs, Presenters, writers, event organizers and everyone contributing to the Gospel industry. That said, here is the full list of VIGA 2016/2017 winners.

Zabuli Crowned Female artist of the year at VIGA Awards 2017.

Zabuli Crowned Female artist of the year at VIGA Awards 2017.

Song Writer of the year

Fortune Spice – Daala, Nkutwale Eka
Coopy Bly – Batusinza ki
Brian Lubega – Nsiimye (Sandra Suubi) – Winners
K!mera – He’s up to something

Videographer of the year
James Muggaga (Jimree)
Welek Films
J Blessing – Winner
Cloud Media

Audio Producer of the year
Moz B
Skills (Roy Studios)
D King
Paddyman (Audio One) – Winner

DJ of the Year
DJ Stef – Winner
DJ Skamzac
DJ Achiever
DJ Awar

Radio Personality of the year
Kamagu – Simbula (Top Radio) – Winner
King Wesley – Spirit FM
Ronnie Habasa – Power FM
Tony Smart – FMJ

T.V. Personality of the Year
Derek Vucci – The Gang (Salt T.V.)
Olivia Zziwa – Mission 316 (NBS TV)
David Ogutu – GXP (NTV) – Winner
Timothy Mugenyi – Rapture Ready (Urban T.V.)

Choir Category
Amazing grace choir [Kyebando]- Beera mutukuvu – Winners
Crown of Life – Gwe awereza mukwano gwa Yesu
God given choir (Kazo) – Jangu ombeere
f Gates choir – Omusaayi gwa Yesu

Acapella Category
Spring Gents
Canaan Gents – Winners
Cape brothers

Traditional Music Category
Joy Tendo – Eyalama noi – Winner
Desire Isaac – Ataakulaba
Florence Rukundo – Muliro
Olivia Muwumba – Kyaabiike

Kadongo kamu Category
Richard Kulumba – Bible ngagga
Kaggwa Edward – Obufumbo – Winner
Dr. Mponye – Ekigenge
Mweseza Ronald – Wakisa

Techno-House-Rock Category
Darlene & Sheila – Silinayo Mulala
Don’t give up – Nyango Doris
The Collective – X Dimension
Be exalted – Watoto Children’s Choir – Winners

Hip-hop/Rap Category
Race T – Ani Asinga
Ruyonga – Ekitakumenya – Winner
Barna – Grip
Lyrical Michael – Pregnant

Dancehall/Ragga Category
Fortune Spice – Daala
Zabuli – Numbye Bulamu
Coopy Bly – Batusinzaki – Winner
Robinsan – Ntukula
RnB-Jazz-Soul Category
Ryione Mauwa – Yanungamya – Winner
K!mera – Up to something
Solome Basuuta – Can we stay
Sandra Suubi – Nsiimye

Reggae Category
Baby Gloria – Godwin – Winner
D Reign – Lion of Zion
Phila & Richy Kaweesi – Ofugge
Daisy Ejang – Tami

Afro-beat Category
Lena Price – Biratangaza
Nsiima – John Marie & Larry Charie – Winner
New Chapters Africa – Binji
D Reign – Biko & Denson

Afri-style Category
Carol Kyambala – Nyambula
Mawuwa Ryon & Eva Nakamatte – Tukirize
WIlsongs – Wasala magezi ki – Winner
Julie Meme – Sibya Loss

Junior category
Boy of Destiny – I believe in Jesus
Stephanie Assimwe – Never let me go father – Winner
Proclaim (Miracle Center)
Watoto Children’s Choir

Upcoming Female Artist
Sandra Suubi – Nsiimye – Winner
Lena Price – I am Light
Dorah the best – Glory
Race T – Ani Asinga

Upcoming Male Artist
Barna – Grip
Bond – Melodies
Wake – Tinsobola
John Marie & Larry Charrie – Nsiima – Winner

Diaspora song/artist category
David Keen – Milele
Hellen Nuwagaba – Webale
Malichi Male – Slow Wine
Myco Chris – Celebration

Collaboration song
I know – Robinsan & Ruyonga
Offuge – Phila & Richy Kaweesa
Ooh Lala – Zabuli & D Reign – Winner
Kulukutta – Fortune Spice & Copybly

Album of the year
Glory Fire – Ruyonga
Jackie Ssenyonjo – Mukama Ye Nsonga
Justine Nabbosa – Oli Katonda – Winner
Coopy Bly – What a Love

Best live Band/Group
Blue Alley Band
Evolution Band
Qwela Band
Collective UG – Winner

Video of the year
Nsiima – John Marie & Larry Charie
Sing – Canaan Gents – Winner
Binji – New Chapters Africa
Ani Asinga – Race T

Inspirational Song
Ekitakumanya – Ruyonga
Wedding song – Phila Kweesa
Save a life – Baby Gloria & Levixone – Winners
Nkutwale eka – Fortune Spice

Male artist of the year
D Reign
Coopy Bly – Winner
Fortune Spice

Female artist of the year
Jackie Ssenyonjo
Zabuli – Winner
Justine Nabossa
Solome Basuuta

Best Worship/Praise song
Hallelujah – Zoe Patra
Enlarge my territory – Isaac Serukenya
Up to something – Kimera
Wegukubira – Brian Lubega

Song of the Year
Daala – Fortune Spice
Wedding song – Phila
Baba – D Reign
Akikwasaganya – Coopy Bly – Winner


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