Waleeta Essanyu Has The makings Of An Anthem, Video Out Now.

Upon its release ahead of her Live Worship Experience in 2016, we wrote about Jackie Senyonjo’s delivery of a powerful performance in Waleeta Essanyu. The song written by Brian Lubega takes on a new meaning as Jackie Senyonjo gives a reminder to Christians that we are the hope of the world and that, we have a duty to help those who are suffering.

A placard reading, “Over Three Million Ugandans Can’t Afford More Than One Meal a day,” is held by a lady in the just released Waleeta Essanyu music video. Jackie Senyonjo herself is seen involved in acts of kindness, with the intention of helping us see the song in this light.

In the audio, Jackie Senyonjo, one of the top female Gospel Musicians of our time sings about God who restored/brought happiness to her life when she was down. The song paints a picture of God who fights our battles, raises/lifts us up, and is a hiding place in times of trouble.

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You might consider this music video simple and straight-forward, until you notice the great use of the stage and what seems to be a live performance. It is possible that the backup vocalists in the song are actually the ones in the music video. One thing is certain, this is a concept that works for just about any Gospel song. We will not be shocked if some people try to replicate it.

Scenes from Waleeta Essanyu by Jackie Senyonjo

Scenes from Waleeta Essanyu Music Video by Jackie Senyonjo

She wrote on her personal Facebook profile, saying,

“I appreciate the children’s choir from Gaba Community church every person who blessed this project and supported us and the people of Katwe may the Good lord bless you.”

It is now time for you to watch the Waleeta Essanyu Music Video Here.

In other related News, Jackie Senyonjo jets into the country in July from a tour in the USA. That is not all, she has release what is threatening to become a big hit, titled Y’ani. We will write about this later.

Also, there was a good song, Omwana Ono which largely went unnoticed. We hope it can be resurrected soon.

If you missed the Waleeta Essanyu Audio, find it here.

The song definitely has he makings of an anthem. It is an easy-to-sing-along-to kind of song and the choir makes it all the more palatable for the Gospel music listeners. The song is definitely bound to grow a lot more, if given all the attention it should get from media houses.


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