Glad Tidings: Ug Gospel Life Blog Nominated in African Gospel Music And Media Awards.

How can you ask one who has received great news to keep silent? How will you prevent a joyful heart from singing the praises of God?

Today, we come to you live from Uganda (this sounds like a Tv report, but read on) to announce that it has just come to our attention that we have been nominated for the African Gospel Music and Media Awards in the “Gospel Blog of Excellence” category. We were not the only nominees from Uganda, Ruyonga and Coopy Bly have both received a node at the 2017 edition which is slated for 3rd June.

The African Gospel Music and Media Awards, “is the premier gospel event that recognises the immense gospel talent that exists within the African gospel music and Christian media fraternity and beyond, and honours and rewards them accordingly at its annual awards event. The awards night is a culmination of its yearlong activities which includes seminars, resource and networking events, regional concerts and career guidance.”

The statement on their official website continues to affirm that, “The awards seek to unearth, encourage, motivate and inspire musicians and media outfits to aspire to attain excellence in their ministries and businesses, and to be of better service to the kingdom.”

Produced by 1615 Media, a UK based Christian Media and Events Company with international affiliations in the media and music industry, it was completely humbling when we were placed with Africa’s best.

We are proud to be representing Uganda, God and the blogging community. The team here will not waste this opportunity – we have to encourage aspiring bloggers.

If you see something good in Ug Gospel Life, it is truly an act of God. He has inspired the heart for the industry in us, a passion for telling the stories of the life of Christians in Uganda, engaging in conversations on Social Media like the Trending Saturday Talk Ug, and now, Bible Hour Ug – a Twitter Bible Study, every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. We have sought to be of a meaningful value to the industry by encouraging excellence, supporting as many musicians and events as possible, while praying for the growth of other online platforms because, there is a lot to be done and we can all contribute something to this cause.

Finally, whatever your blogging niche is, do not give up. Of course, there is already a wind of excitement sweeping through Social Media upon this revelation. We will be writing another article to celebrate our Ugandan nominees and share with you the full list of nominees.

To the African Gospel Music And Media Awards Academy, we are honored. To our Ug Gospel life family, you are the reason why we never give up even when it is trying to keep serving you. God’s grace is sufficient.

Blessings. We are out for now. All smiles.


Voting Details Are In: Click Here to vote for for Ug Gospel Life as Blog Of Excellence at the Africa Gospel Music and Media Awards, Power Fm’s Phat Fest 16 was nominated “Event Of The Year“, where as Ruyonga and Coopy Bly are the musicians representing Uganda.



8 responses to “Glad Tidings: Ug Gospel Life Blog Nominated in African Gospel Music And Media Awards.

  1. super excited about this indeed you have been consistent n excellent you deserve to bring it home let’s goooooo


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