“Young people have the ability to shape their future.” – Noah Wapera, Founder MySpotGlobal Media.

I met Noah Wapera, a 32-year-old Ugandan awhile back. Recently, he asked me to accompany him and a team of others – it was a for a visit to Kyungu Village in Mukono. What I had gathered was that a Third-year student of Mass Communication at Uganda Christian University (UCU) had, as part of his assignment made a video showing the plight of the community. My question was, what exactly will we be doing in Mukono? Is the situation really that bad? My conscience came to my rescue with the thought, “No one deserves to live in the worst of conditions.”


Later, we would discover that, as much as the area is relatively developed, there are a section of those within the community who collect water from a pond. Whereas there is running water being sold at the nearby homesteads, those who cannot afford it, find themselves going to the pond. The sight of what was the collection point, a visibly unhygienic place, left many of the people I was with –  I inclusive, with an ache in the stomach. Some of the more energetic people, have to travel long distances to have access to clean water from the borehole.

There was a picture moment too.

There was a picture moment too, it doesn’t take too much to be happy. Hopefully, this inspires you.

I later discovered that there was to be a benefit concert. It is not the usual kind of concert to write about. The cause got me thinking, something – anything, that can be done should be done.

In a conversation with Noah Wapera who is the Founder of MySpotGlobal Media, he shared with me his passion for photography which drove him towards helping tell stories that matter.

He said, “I am passionate about photography. It defines a lot in our (MySPotGlobal Media’s) line of work.  I am passionate about community. I want to see good things happening in the communities. I am passionate about young people. I believe all young people have the ability to shape their future and all they have to do is follow their passion.”

In light of his passions, and vision, Noah Wapera a professing Christian said, “About the Kyungu community situation, I watched a documentary done by Joshua Abaho (the Mass Communication student I mentioned earlier).”

“When we as MySPotGlobal Media and Daniel Aranda needed to find a community to help through the Charity concert, I thought we needed to help that community. The story is really touching if u watch it.”

I was fortunate enough to be present. On my way to Mukono, I felt like I was going mountain climbing. Why? Because I did not know what to expect while in Kyungu Village in Mukono. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a lot of excitement. We did not need to introduce ourselves to the children who already gathered and joined us in a game of soccer, singing and discussions.

After we had spent all our energies, it was time to go take a look at the water collection point. I have already described this earlier. Thereafter, we went for a walk in the community. Took a couple of pictures and planned our exit.

Article By Eddy Atum


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