Solome Basuuta’s Sense Of Style & Fashion Comes Out In Nsuubira Video.

As soon as the Nsuubira music video starts playing, the beautiful Solome Basuuta who is standing alone and embracing herself whispers, “How did we reach this point?
How did we reach this place?” Her look is filled with pain, as she continues to sing, “Why do we keep testing each other? Hurting each other so deep?”

When she starts to say, “Let us remember our love,” there is an emotional shift, a bright smile is seen as the videographer takes us to the happier moments – she reminisces of an engagement. If you do not know what the song is about, Solome Basuuta told us that, she was hearing a lot of stories about couples close to her separating from their spouses.

Solome Basuuta In Nsuubira Music Video

Solome Basuuta In Nsuubira Music Video

“Nsuubira was inspired by a real life story of a close friend whose spouse separated from them. I saw the turmoil, pain, hurt, anger, confusion that they went through and it broke my heart and yet I could still see my friend having HOPE. So that’s how I got to write Nsuubira.”

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The happiness portrayed in the chorus is short-lived because Solome Basuuta who is also the main actress in the video will be driven to tears, pain, perhaps even regret. The presumably now married couple is facing challenges in their relationship. The lady (played by Solome Basuuta) is seen engaging her husband in a heated argument.

Behind the scenes of Solome Basuuta's Nsuubira Music Video Shoot.

Behind the scenes of Solome Basuuta’s Nsuubira Music Video Shoot.

The man is simply not fighting back – he is not responding, constantly look at the newspaper as Solome sings, “Tears rolling down my face. Broken-hearted, confused. I never thought this was it.” He is now staring at his wife with a blank face. Then comes the second chorus and again, the happy scenes of what it used to be.

In he interlude/bridge, the woman will, in an attempt to be heard, slap the Newspaper from her husband’s hand. He will rise, as if in retaliation, engage in a verbal exchange for a few minutes, then a non-verbal one, before he walks out of the room leaving his wife almost helpless.

Solome and Ebony-Hue's Prince Of Zamunda who is responsible for the Videography.

Solome and Ebony-Hue’s Prince Of Zamunda who is responsible for the Videography.

Forgive this writer’s drama-loving self, I would have wanted a more ruthless battle-perhaps a physical one so that we can start the debate on whether she should stay after such instances. Forgive me. This would be hijacking the song and wanting it to address something else.

Nsuubira, is a song of hope. Solome told us that she hopes that Nsuubira will bring hope for those who have completely lost hope in their spouse. Furthermore, she prays that some of those who listen to the song can be able to say, “That’s my story” because it resonates with them and is relevant to their situation.

Perhaps in some of the songs on Solome’s yet to be released, Song Of Solome EP she might address more things concerning relationships. That is entirely up-to her.

Ladies, what do you make of Solome’s style and Fashion in this music video? Leave your thoughts in the comments section after watching the music video.


2 responses to “Solome Basuuta’s Sense Of Style & Fashion Comes Out In Nsuubira Video.

  1. I loveeeee the song.
    Solome never disappoints when it comes to fashion and make up,I won’t forge her hair.its a breathe of fresh air watching every one of her music videos


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