Nsuubira – Solome Basuuta’s Moving Reminder To Hope Against The Odds [Song Of Solome EP]


Solome Basuuta is at it again. She has just released her latest single titled Nsuubira, which translated from Luganda means “I Hope.” Produced by Fred Wallace (First Love Studios), Nsuubira unlike “Can We Stay” seems to have been written with a live performance in mind. Can We Stay was and still is a listen-to kind of song. Nsuubira too, given it’s intention to inspire hope during the more turbulent times in a relationship, can definitely work for your listening pleasure. Given the keyboard picking of notes and guitar strumming and the acoustic feel especially after the first chorus, Nsuubira has a raw performance element to it. Solome Basuuta, being the vocalist she is, is felt in the song. We mean this literally, you can feel her.

Nsuubira - Solome Basuuta's song from Song Of Solome EP

Nsuubira – Solome Basuuta’s song from Song Of Solome EP

Nsuubira was written by Solome Basuuta herself and has been released as the second song from the upcoming Song Of Solome EP which is slated for a release later this year (2017). As can be expected, Song Of Solome will be an experience worth anticipating from HIT Award-winning female artiste of the year. She had a more than successful 2016 with Can We Stay being nominated in VIGA Awards and battling for the coveted female artiste of the year accolade in the same award. About the Can We Stay song itself, whereas it got great reviews, Solome told us that, “some people were shocked by the new sound but on the whole the song was received well beyond my expectations.

From the first listen, Nsuubira, a love song, strikes you as a prayer of hope. It is a hope that the love placed in each other won’t burnout or go to waste simply because the emotional rush is too vehement. We interacted with Solome Basuuta upon the release of her song. She told us that Nsuubira was inspired by real life events,

“Last year(2016) around July, I was hearing alot of stories about couples close to me separating from their spouses. Nsuubira was inspired by a real life story of a close friend whose spouse separated from them.

I saw the turmoil, pain, hurt, anger, confusion that they went through and it broke my heart and yet I could still see my friend having HOPE. So that’s how I got to write Nsuubira.”

Nsuubira – Song Download

Speaking on the Song Of Solome project, she said

“Well the project is ongoing. We are still cooking in the kitchen and making sure everything comes out right.

This first chapter in itself is going well we are working with some really awesome producers and I like that it’s a different feel from my earlier work. I am Walalala!!! About this project as a whole.”

Her previous song Can We Stay was added by many to their wedding music lists, reminded some of their spouses and made the singles look forward to the institution of marriage. We wanted to know from Solome what she felt was the reception of Nsuubira despite the fact that it is just a few days old. She said,

“So far in these few days the song has been received extremely well beyond what I expected….some people really love it’s simplicity and raw emotion and they have found it encouraging.

I hope this song will bring HOPE for those who have completely lost hope for their spouse…..and also a song that someone can stand up and say *That’s my story* meaning it resonates with them inshort relevant.”

How did we reach this point?
How did we reach this place?
Why do we keep testing each other?
Hurting each other so deep
Let us remember our Love
Let us remember those moments


We are made for each other
Nothing will separate us
Nze Nsuubira
Nze Nsuubira


When you walked out the door
Leaving nothing behind
Tears rollng down my face
Broken hearted, confused
I never thought this was it
I never knew I’d see you again



Hope will never fail

I’ll keep holding on

My Love will always stay

Though you’re not here

Hope will never fail

Even through this pain

I’ll keep holding on….. X2


We are made for each other
Nothing will separate us
Nze Nsuubira
Nze Nsuubira



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