15 Years A Slave, D Reign To Share Testimony in Concert.

Trust Ugandans to call a musician by their breakthrough song! For that matter, Dalton Nyesigomwe or, as he is popularly called, D Reign is sometimes referred to as “I Call Him Babawo” or just, “Babawo.” Make no mistake, D Reign has songs like, A Man Called Jesus, Lion Of Zion, You Are Love, the hit Oh La La featuring Zabuli, among others. What many did not know however, was the fact that D Reign, now an award-winning gospel artiste who shot to fame in 2016, was in fact very involved in the secular music industry as a musician and producer. Upon conversion from bondage and slavery to drug abuse, a habit he had practiced for 15 years, he surrendered his talent to Jesus Christ. His drug abuse problem was so intense that he revealed in a recent interview that, it even drove him to madness and walking naked at some point in life.

D Reign in a recent Television Interview shoot.

D Reign in a recent Television Interview shoot.

As you can tell, the stronghold of the enemy on a life that is now blessing millions of youth was great. But, praise be to our Lord and savior who did not led D Reign die in his wicked ways. D reign says that God literally worked on him while he attended rehabilitation for a year. During the rehabilitation period, he wrote songs that have never been heard before and, on top of sharing his story in its entirety, he will also be performing those for the very first time.

Born to Denis and Lydia Nyesigomwe, D Reign a last born has two brothers. As you may tell, we do not intend to preempt the story before the March 4th concert which will take place at Garden City Rooftops. It is proudly powered by Platinum Gospel, D Reign Music and Ug Gospel Life. This is not going to be a one-man show but Brian Lubega, Coopy Bly Justine Nabosa, and other top musicians will also be in the house to minister. Surely, 20,000 shillings is just befitting of the concert. In fact, what other event do we have around that time? Expect the reigning VIGA Award-winning female musician of the year, Zabuli with whom they have a hard-hitting song, “Oh La La.”

Yo do not know the definition of excitement, if this revelation does not leave you anticipating for D Reign’s maiden concert. The beauty of “D Reign The Testimony” is that, the devil will be put to shame as D Reign declares God’s greatness through his life testimony and song.

As you may have observed, social media is already buzzing with this great news. Join the conversation using #TheDReignTestimony. Download the artwork and invite all your friends. Make sure you do not miss this. We will be with you all the way too.

See you there.

D Reign ready for maiden concert and you are invited.

D Reign ready for maiden concert and you are invited.


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