Feature: Price Love Lends Voice To Gagamagoo’s Anampanguza {Watch Video}

Price Love needs no introduction to those who follow this platform, because, before her marriage in 2016, she released the song, “Amazing.” This happened after she returned from South Korea. During a radio appearance with Power Fm’s Reverend DJ, she talked about a song she had been featured on, Anampanguza with Gagamagoo. Upon the release of this music video, Price Love wrote on her Facebook,

GagamaGoo Kinene is an incredible human being. When he asked me to be a part of His project round about this time in 2014, I didn’t know what i was signing up for. I’m so honored to be apart of His Talent. I’m so proud of Your persistence.
Proudly associated

From Gagamagoo’s point of view, this is how it happened. He first saw Price Love’s name in 2011. It was a song she had done. There and then, he wanted to work with her.

“I met with her that same year (2011) and we exchanged contacts. When it was time to do Anampanguza, I saw Price Love’s name in Emiziki-studio-producer Walter Wa’s diary and I was reminded of her.”

“I told the producer I needed Price Love to do the chorus and if he could speak with her on my behalf. Price Love has a unique musical touch of RnB and Jazz. She turned this into a beautiful soul-hip-hop sounds. She re-organized and composed the words to the song’s chorus. Oh my God she’s really gifted, not just talented. I hallow God for having connected me with her on this specific project. I am eternally grateful.”

It is no surprise that the song has been well received. Just like Gagamagoo’s Nsangi, this one has made it to a number of DJ mixes as well as radio rotation. The song itself paints the perfect picture of one who is torn between fulfilling the lust of the flesh and the desire to please God. As perfectly executed in the music video, victory certainly belongs to Jesus who has overcome. We are victorious even though we fall sometimes. We must always rise again when we fall and repent, (which is turn away from our wicked ways) and surrender to God.

Anampanguza – GagamaGoo Kinene Ft Price Love.

Speaking to us exclusively, Kinene Michael Bernard aka Gagamagoo Kinene told us he was born on 29th September 1992. He was raised by a single mother after his father got himself another wife. He said, “After my father left, life got really hard for us. It was hard both physically and psychologically, but by God’s Grace we carried on. I grew up in a now-growing town called Nansana, Wakiso district of Uganda. I have three biological brothers and grew up with three female cousins who are like sisters to me.  My cousins had lost their mother; my Auntie, so they have been living with my family since childhood.”

At the very tender age of 10 years old, Gagamagoo Kinene developed a love for rap music. He put his passion to work, and according to him, started writing his own lyrics. He got most of his ‘big’ phrases and words from the English Language and Literature study books he borrowed from the school library. He would then use these stories as a body for his rap together with the new words he learned. The youngster garnered fame at Irma Pfeifer, Bweeya High School where he studied  O-level.

Concerning salvation, it was however not until he was sixteen years of age, when he confessed Jesus CHRIST as his Lord and Savior. In A Level, the rapper went to Lubiri Secondary School. At Lubiri, he found the purpose for living. “I  felt God’s call upon my life to rap for the Gospel’s sake: rap to the great commission. I then adopted the Nick-Name of “GAGAMAGOO”, an acronym of the “Gospel Accurately Giving Answers Maximally as GOD Overcomes Oppression”. ” This name was conceived when he first heard his brother execute what later became a failed attempt at making a comic book. Well, at least something good came out of it.

“In 2009, when I was in A-level, I joined the school choir and told them I could not sing, but could rap.

“They allowed me to join the choir and when they had a music competition, I wrote a rap verse for the song that had to be performed for the competition.

“This rap verse spiced up our song in a way and  our choir won that competition and part of the prize was a recording session of that song in the studio.”

Gagamagoo and Price Love in Anampanguza Music Video.

Gagamagoo and Price Love in Anampanguza Music Video.

“In 2010, I went to Crystal Revolution Studios under management of Crystal Fabulous and recorded a collaboration with my friend and mentor, named Swaib Kaweesa. The name of the song is called, One Day, and it was produced by Mac Elvis (R.I.P). The first song I released was NSANGI featuring Winnie Nakabugo and it was also produced by Mac Elvis, in Emiziki Studios under the management of Walter Wa.”

With a node at both the 2014 and 2015 editions of VIGA Gospel awards in the category of “Best Rap/Hip Hop song,” Gagamagoo who is continuing to give his all for God’s glory has now released the music video. He said, “Anampanguza has such an amazing message that it could not be missed. I felt like people needed to get the message and videos are such a great way to do that.  We live in a digital era, where videos can get the message across to the youth more than just an audio.”

Of course we agree about being in the digital era. In fact, feel free to share this article with all the people in your circle.



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