Amazing: Price Love Returns From South Korea, Announces Wedding, But First, The New Single.


Price Kwagala or simply Price Love is a gem. Her kind is rare – a mixture of both natural talent and acquired musical skill in an honest heart is what you find when you listen to her music. She is the kind of person who will share with you her life without restraint as long as it helps you become a better person. Her song titled, His Image from the previous album, Tales as well as Your Day – a soothing encouragement to all who are going through a rough season in life, continues to bless many. She went on to record a single with The African Children’s Choir after the successful launch of the Tales album at a September To Remember concert at Kampala Serena Hotel.

She went to South Korea and returned with an overflowing heart. God has been good to her. She says about her latest release, Amazing, “I wrote this Song #Amazing at the beginning of this year. I’d spend close to two years out of the country studying. When i returned i had so much to be thankful for so much to write about but what took center stage was The Love God had showed me while i was away.

It seemed to me like the journey Abraham took as God told him to go to the land he’d show him. I barely knew anyone, their language and how they did things. Here I was starting from scratch, learning a new language, no job, no friends, no family, just me and God.

Everything was different, and if I was to survive in this country it had to be God. Anyway to cut the long story Short I am back home and when I look back, It’s because of this #Amazing Love of God that I’m alive, happy and still confess that Jesus is Lord.

I trusted and lived that scripture Proverbs 3:5-6 that says

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your path.

God has been my guide all through. He gave me a family, Enabled me learn a new language, never once did i fail an exam irrespective of the fact that lessons were conducted in a totally foreign language, i didn’t starve or lack for He supplied all my needs. Surely if that is not maddddddd,crazyyyyy, Love i don’t know what is.”

Audio Download Below.

The Song is produced by Samuel Bisaso at Black Smith studio, And features Sidney Kalanje (Guitar), Ssanyu (B.G.Vs) and Emmanuel Dragu ( Trumpet). About the recording process itself which happened upon her return, Price says it was graceful! “By the time we went to studio, I’d already practiced the song and knew what it is i wanted but you know studio things, you keep changing here and there but in the end it’s all worth it.

I’m grateful for provision in terms of recording. Actually it’s amazing, someone paid for this song to be recorded before i even showed up in Studio. I tell you that is what the amazing love of God sounds like.”

In her own words, Price Love says, she has “been going through a transition, trying to position myself for service as far as music ministry is concerned.” She is taking it one step at a time. Not in a rush at all. Loving and living a quiet life. She says it gives her room to think and be who she wants to be for the glory of God.

“Being quiet was by choice. It was a stretching time away from home I needed to relax and settle. It’s been a time of preparation for the next step which is here #Amazing. I don’t know what the future holds but ready to fly.” And talking about ‘the next step,’ our stalking activity has revealed that Price will soon tie the knot. If her post on Facebook is anything to Go by, we are glad to make this confirmation. This is what she wrote,

Sidney Kalanje oh Sidy, my miracle man. When I told a close friend i’d get married in 2016 approximately 4 years ago, it kinda felt like a joke. But this God oh! You’re peaceful. You’re that man i only used to see in my dreams. You’re more than everything i prayed for. You make loving me look so easy, though i know it’s not. You’re my answered prayer. Thank you for allowing God love me through you. ‪#‎Amazing‪#‎ILoveYou

And there you have it.



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