Exodus Returns Home, Operating At His Best Again [Tosumagira]

Recently, we noticed that, despite the mixed feelings about Nyinimu music video, it has been nominated for the Club Music Video Awards in the best Choreography category. We were overwhelmed because our own had been recognized. If you have followed Exodus’ musical career, you definitely know that he always strives for excellence. This can be seen is smash hits (both audio and video) for Prophecy, Igwe, Walking (ft Alemba) among others.

It also caught our attention, that unlike in the past, Exodus is releasing a lot more music. Nyinimu is still topping charts in East Africa at large, and Tosumagira, a brand new single which borrows a bit from Nyinimu has made its way to rotation and is showing signs of making it big.  He revealed to us in a private conversation that a reggae song is about to hit the airwaves soon. We told him that we were in fact extremely happy he is releasing a lot more music.

That is not all. Let us face it. There have been a few unsettling stories that have made their way to the media and left a great number of fans with many unanswered questions. Thanks be to God, these questions would be answered when DJ Twonjex hosted the multiple award-winning musician on his popular Saturday afternoon show, beat street.

What particularly stood out for us was the fact that Exodus was speaking freely about where he’s at at a person, musician and minister. He revealed that his desire for excellence in what he does and to compete at the mainstream stage had perhaps derailed him from his mission. He said that, in the past few years, he felt like, much of what was being done at shows was performance-based, rather than ministry-based. In fact, he continued to reveal that, he went to the extremes of giving himself over to drinking without feeling any remorse because, he was not in communion with God. He had left the place of ministry. His definition of the place of ministry was, in the presence of God.

As you can tell, our ears were glued to the radio for more on this, because, it is a story worth sharing. His wake-up call came when the media (including via Whatsapp groups) started circulating stories that had witchcraft and evil written allover it. He felt scared, but this too, worked for good because he then started to realize how far he had fallen. Knowing God’s undying love for him, the musician returned to seeking God’s face with much prayer and fasting.

Tosumagira – Song Download


According to him, the doors that he has seen God open with Tosumagira and how it is breaking barriers is proof that when you are operating in the anointing, God does the work. About the song Tosumagira , which was produced by Nessim, he said that it was inspired by Psalms 121: 3

“He will not allow your foot to be moved: he that keeps you will not slumber.”

In the chorus, Exodus speaks of God who fights battle for him, never gives up on him and that God never sleeps. Tosumagira  – he does not slumber.

Welcome back Exodus, and we wish you the best at the Club Music Video Awards. We will be waiting for the reggae song as well.


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