Zzina Awards: Gospel Artistes Not Even Inspiring?

This is the fourth Zzina Awards. The list of nominees was released. It is on the Galaxy Fm website. We were going about our business of finding things worthy of sharing here. When we saw this, we made the assumption that we would find a gospel musician nominated in the award. You can imagine, we had to look at this list twice to actually realize, no Gospel musician is nominated for the 2016/2017 edition of the awards.


The question to ask though, is which Gospel musician would you have nominated to be on the Zzina Award?

Was this a case of snubbing the Gospel music industry or they are not producing music that rivals what we all consider mainstream?

Should it even stress anyone that no Gospel musician was nominated in this award, seeing as they do not have a specific category dedicated to Gospel music?

Perhaps, Gospel music lovers are not their target audience, and the award does not seek to be representative of the entire music industry!

So, after letting it sink in that, there is no Gospel music category, we then saw, a category for “Best Inspirational Song.” Surely, at least one Gospel musician must have inspired the nation in this period.



Time to breath in – a deep sigh. We needed that to calm the adrenaline rush.

Of course you are all going to say that we are dramatizing the whole thing. Here is a statement on their website.

“….. the awards recognise the immense talent Ugandans artistes have. We are glad to note that since we came into the industry, the play lists of club Djs and FM stations now are dominated by Ugandan songs.”

So, again, the questions…

How is it possible that no Gospel musician is nominated? That question, we will direct to you the readers.

Scratch everything we have said until this moment! Can you imagine our excitement upon realizing that Morgan Isaac was nominated in the category of “Best Audio Producer”?

Yes! He is the Morgan Isaac we all know. He has worked on a couple of mainstream hits that we will not mention here.

Congratulations to you Morgan Isaac.

The END.


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