Critics Agree, Exodus’ Nyinimu Is Special [Audio Review, Video + Opinions]

The multiple award-winning artiste Exodus has earned his spot in the hearts of Ugandans as a force to reckon with, a musician with excellently shot music videos and a mainstream singer in his own right. After one of his most successful hits in recent times, Prophecy , he went on to release a single titled Happy. Many critics saw this song as a successful attempt at making an African song in the spirit of Pharrell Williams’ hit song, Happy. Exodus is said to have also agreed to this notion in an interview. The song, Happy by Exodus was a huge success but did not reach the heights that his earlier hits like Igwe and Prophecy had reached.

In addition to the above, in as much as the music video for Happy was well received, critics thought it could have been better. Of course there were happy people in the music video, but that was about all that you see.

Well, now, using the Luganda phrase, ‘star taffa’ loosely translated to mean, The Star Never Dies, Exodus is back.

Nyinimu is a single released by the dynamic Exodus in 2016 and is already topping the authoritative Gospel Music charts and is fast rising in popularity as a crowd favorite. The audio was produced by D King and he borrows a hand from a children’s choir to give life to a popular Afro-spiritual song ‘Anatete Mbeka.’

Exodus Returns To The Top With Nyinimu.

Exodus Returns To The Top With Nyinimu.

What Exodus did in this song is so brilliant that most critics just shut up and enjoyed the awesomeness of a beautifully done song.Given the title and the style, others liken it to the Nyinimu song by Peter Miles.

We are happy about these new developments. Find your download below.

In other news, Exodus and Levixone have both been nominated in the Abryanz Fashion &Style Awards as The best dressed personalities. Follow them individually for updates on how to vote.



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