HIT Awards 2016: The Unexpected Happened, Winners Walked Away With Accolades, Full List.  

After the 2015 Heaven Inspired Triumph award, we were promised a second edition this year. The great thing that happened this year is that the general public was involved in the nomination of the viewers/listeners’ choice categories. A highly nomination list was released with two categories causing a stir in the Gospel Fraternity. We will not get into that today. We are here to report to you what happened at the Kampala Serena Hotel on the night of the 8th of July 2016. Please note that, last year, since it was the inaugural edition, we could only compare HIT Awards to awards that had already been held in Uganda, both for the Gospel music fraternity and mainstream. It was impeccable.

It was rather pleasant seeing Coopy Bly walk away with the accolade for Male artiste of the year – the gentleman gave his best during the period starting last year to this one, churning out great music one after the other. The other favorite according out circle was the only standing Rapper Ruyonga, whose Glory Fire album had a spill-over effect into 2016. But, it appears that was not enough to win him the award. Perhaps, the fact that his latest songs to include Shule, did not receive the hype and attention the likes of Muhulire, Ride, among others received.


Where as, Coopy Bly’s fans may have voted because the artiste aggressively promoted his nomination by having boosted Facebook posts according to our observation, Solome Basuuta was mostly supported by her loyal Team Walala. During the time leading to the announcement of this award, it became apparent to us that Solome Basuuta was a favorite for the most coveted award for female artiste of the year. Many were chanting her name and the crowd went into a frenzy to celebrate her victory. Together with her team, they are a testament to the fact that hard work pays. The vocalist has been ruling both Christian and mainstream stages and has a Rising Star Award to her name.

During HIT Awards 2016, Power Fm presenter and DJ Twonjex was honored as a pioneer, but he chose to share this spotlight with DJ Muji and DJ Peruz who he praised for working hard to grow the community of DJs in Uganda. The award for DJ of the night went to The Block Party’s DJ Xris (Power Fm). On the other hand, Olivia Zziwa of NBS Tv Can Men Cook and Mission 3:16 show became the first person to win a HIT Award twice in a row, in the same category.

Ronnie Habasa of Power Fm’s morning show was the winner of radio personality of the year. This was not shocking at all seeing as he was greatly supported by the previous winner, Becky Nantale. Find in this article a list of the rest of the winners as well as honorees at the award.

Up to this point, you are probably asking yourself when we will get into the unexpected. Here it is.

Much to our surprise and perhaps that of the invited guests and those who had braved the Friday-night jam, the HIT Award show major activities commenced way past 8:30pm. This got us off guard since last year everything was spot on. Further still, the performances this year were less thrilling than that of last year. We hoped to walk away with an experience worth talking about for days to come, even the appearance of Hope Kid, though great, did not save the day. It is possible that there are those who enjoyed every minute of the show, but not us. We have been asking ourselves why this edition did not attract the hype that the first one had. Could it be the fact that those who aired their thoughts online were not actively engaged, or was it that the element of curiosity that the first event had was lost? All we can do is ask those questions and rest our case as in the article that followed the revelation of nomination list.

To end of a positive note, many of the winners really deserved their accolades. For that, thumbs up.



Coopybly – Winner


Holy Keane



Jackie Senyonjo

Solome – Winner



DJ Xris – Winner

DJ Stef

DJ Awar



Olivia Zziwa -NBS – Winner

Joel Ssenyonyi- NTV

Brian Mulondo- NTV

Rukhshana Namuyimba- NBS

HIT Awards 2016, Ronnie Habasa wins & Thanks Fellow Power FM Presenter Becky Nantale For Support.

HIT Awards 2016, Ronnie Habasa wins & Thanks Fellow Power FM Presenter Becky Nantale For Support.


Becky Katagaya – POWER FM

Ronnie Habasa- POWER FM – Winner

King Wesley – SPIRIT FM

Mike Presson-ALFA FM



James Mugaga -Jim Reel/Sanyuka – Winner

Israel Denis




Da Prince Photography

David Murungi – Winner

Daniel Echwalu

Martha K

Soul Je Riddim


The HIT Lifetime Achievement honorary Award – The Late Irene Gleeson

The HIT Family Ministry honorary Award – Mr Stephen Langa of Family Life Network.

The HIT Education honorary Award – Mrs.Margaret Ogeda of Springs of Hope Education

The HIT Charismatic Leadership honorary Award – Dr Miria Matembe

The HIT Business honorary Award – Mr James Kiwanuka, the CEO of Capital Out door advertising.

The HIT Fashion designer honorary Award – Ms Brenda Makara

The HIT Professional honorary Award – Mr Amos Masaba Wekesa, CEO of Great Lakes Safaris

The HIT Sport honorary Award – Mr. Edgar Watson

The HIT Youth Ministry honorary Award – Watoto Church Youth Ministry.

The HIT Philanthropy honorary Award – Ms Catherine Ruhweza of Mama Tendo Foundation

Solome Basuuta.jpg

Solome Basuuta Bags Female Artiste Of The Year At HIT Awards.


Photo Credits: DaPrince Photography, one of The HIT Awards 2016 Nominees.


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