Todd Dulaney: Uganda Visit, Brief Biography, Music & Love For Baseball

In a statement released by Pastor Robert Kayanja on his Facebook page, it was revealed that Todd Dulaney will be in Uganda for 77 Days of glory. The lead pastor at Miracle Center Cathedral said,

“Todd Dulaney who sang the theme song (Victory belongs to Jesus) that is always sang in the #77DOGS REVIVAL SERVICES, will be with us at the Miracle Center Cathedral, to lead us in praise and worship from the 16th to 19th February. Come let’s give God the glory for healing our land and touching people all over the world.”

Todd Dulaney is currently one of the most popular black gospel singers in Uganda. Until mid 2016, he was mostly unknown to many, but was already loved by avid Gospel music fans in Uganda. It was particularly shocking to know that Todd Dulaney was not always passionately pursuing music as a career. He was a professional baseball player for 5 years. He played baseball at a local community college, Wabash Valley College, getting drafted by the New York Mets in the 2002 MLB June Amateur Draft.
His time as a baseball player was one of his happiest moments. His eyes were set on doing it professionally, but he got injured and during the off season, started to attend church. God was setting him up. Todd met the multiple award-winning singer Smokie Norful who became his mentor and they went on to tour. He was a backup vocalist.

Todd Dulaney to minister at 77 Days Of Glory.

Todd Dulaney to minister at 77 Days Of Glory.

Born Todd Anthony Dulaney to Thomas and Tommye Dulaney on December 20, 1983 in Maywood, Illinois, he retired from baseball in 2005 but it was not until 2011 that he took on music professionally.

Speaking to Jinnie Cristerna, Todd said that he looked like a fool for a long time for walking away from baseball and yet, he felt that God was calling him to reach out to people through music. He continued to say that the real pain he felt was, in his own words, “the rejection of me being who I am in music….pain that challenged me on who I want to be in life.”


Todd Dulaney described the music business as challenging because he was expected to have a specific kind of sound and was told that what he had to offer would not work. It was worse when some people did not want to work with him unless he changed his sound to suit their preferences.
Well, it is 2017 and Todd Dulaney’s music is topping charts and he is currently a Grammy nominated singer. His saddest moments in life were a result of losing his father. The memory of his father kept him going because his father was a good man who loved Todd’s mother. When Todd Dulaney was experiencing the hardest years of his marriage, he wished his father was around to give him guidance. The three major lessons he learned from his father was to; Never give up, be intentional and go as hard as you can. Of course, there were challenges in his parent’s relationship, but that too taught Todd Dulaney to keep going even when it was/is hard and unpleasant in a relationship and in life.

In an interview with Art and Soul, he described himself as a husband, father and worshiper because that is what he does all the time. “A worshiper is someone who has sacrificed their life for The Lord.” He went on to say that his “A Worshiper’s Heart” album is about bringing the sound of worship to music in his own way. Success to him is, “Doing anything that God has called him to be.”
Prior to his sophomore, A Worshiper’s Heart, Todd Dulaney released “Pulling Me Through” which was his breakthrough project. He will be in Uganda at Miracle Center Cathedral for the now popular 77 Days of Glory hosted by Pastor Robert Kayanja. It is also interesting to note that Todd Dulaney’s Victory Belongs To Jesus is currently an anthem in Kampala, Uganda.
The announcement of Todd Dulaney’s visit and ministry in Uganda has been met with a lot of excitement.



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