Jackie Senyonjo Delivers A Powerful Performance In Waleeta Essanyu

Waleeta Essanyu is Jackie Senyonjo’s latest release. The song comes ahead of her Live Worship Experience on the 1st of October. We will keep you updated on this upcoming show on all our social media platforms. When you see the song title, you might be led to believe it is the usual ‘happy music.’ Well, it is ‘happy music,’ only that this time it is actually, worship from a grateful heart. For those who do not understand or speak Luganda, Waleeta Essanyu means, “You Brought Happiness.”

The song Waleeta Essanyu immediately reminds one of her Obeerawo which she released earlier on in her career. The song Obeerawo talks about God’s presence in our lives in the midst of the storm, trials and tears – Jesus is a present help, Jackie Senyonjo cries out to God to sustain her. In Waleeta Essanyu, she paints the picture of God – her hiding place. She sings of her gratefulness to God for bringing happiness to life and making a way where there seemed to be no way.

Produced by Sam Bisaaso, Waleeta Essanyu builds well enough. Her backup vocalists carried the melody in the pre-chorus and chorus perfectly. Even if you do not understand Luganda, the chorus is written with simplicity and you will easily sing along.

waleeta Essanyu

One of the major highlights in Waleeta Essanyu happens when the instrumentalists transpose after the bridge. The outro is a powerful performance with intimate and personal ad libs by one of Uganda’s greatest female musicians at the moment, if not the best.

With songs like this, Obeerawo, and one of her most recent hits Tuwaye among other songs, one can only anticipate her October 1st worship experience at MTN Arena. For now, we can only speculate on what direction the show will take. Will it go for a worship production style or will it be all of her songs? Perhaps it will be a bit of both. You will have to follow us closely here and on our Social Media platforms to update you as we draw closer to the worship experience.

In a different light, after listening to Waleeta Essanyu, you start to wonder why our dear Jackie Senyonjo doesn’t release more music like this mellow one. In this song, Jackie Senyonjo delivers a powerful message to help you celebrate God’s power to deliver and restore hope and happiness.

Download the song below.



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