#KoiKoiInstaWalk in Pictures: You Can Join #KoiKoiUg For The Next Activity.

Koi Koi Ug Kicks off with an Intagram Walk.

Koi Koi Ug Kicks off with an Intagram Walk.

To launch the #Koikoiug campaign, a team of Instagrammers, walked around Kampala in an attempt to capture the breathtaking scenery and the pulsating Urban culture of our capital.

This mix of professional and amateur photographers and photo enthusiasts walked for 3 hours, starting at the Post office, made their way up to The Presidential Monument, to the Independence Monument to the almost forgotten, celebrated war monument at the city square. We then made our way to down town to capture the heart of Kampala, the source of the pulse, the people, the markets, the business.

IMG_7103-1 DSC_0042 IMG_7285-1 IMG_7052-2

A lot of breath taking stories,the most memorable one being of Micheal, the Street musician on the accordion who has been at it for 20 years. Of course it wasn’t without its run ins with the gentlemen charged with law and order, but on explaining what we were trying to do with the #koikoiug campaign and of course some identification, they let us on our merry way. There was also the shock that Ugandans could be interested in photographing and documenting their city. People kept asking what country we were from, and the look of disbelief when we said Uganda was unmistakable. That should say a lot about us.

We then made our way from down town Kampala back to the place where it all begun, Old Kampala. The ancient architecture and finally the National Mosque, famously known as the Ghadaffi mosque was something wondrous to behold especially from the top, with that 360 view of Kampala, a straineous climb and breath taking in every way.

Shari Mwanika commented, ” BLISS 256, every Sunday please.” Kirabo Byabashaija said, “Dudes, Lets do Jinja next, black and white edition.” Ethel Nshakira summed it up perfectly. “Amazing experience, lets do more of these.”

This was just the first piece of a bigger picture, a campaign aimed at collecting 1 million photos in a period of 10 weeks in a bid to create a crowd source ad about Uganda, by Ugandans for Ugandans. An ad that will break stereotypes, change perceptions and create an appreciation for this country both at home and abroad.

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Written by: @iamogutudaudi

Picture Credit: 8mediapictures


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