Urgent: Bedridden Gospel Singer Julie Deborah Needs Your Help To See Neurosurgeon

Julie Deborah Needs Us. Let's Show Her Love During This Trying Time.

Julie Deborah Needs Us. Let’s Show Her Love During This Trying Time.

On March the 19th 2015, Julie Deborah and Mirembe Simon of the “Nali manyi” fame were involved in what was described as a deadly car accident along Nabbingo Masaka Road. The two were rushed to Namirembe hospital and were hospitalised. After almost a month on treatment, the two were discharged and news of this brought tremendous joy to the believers who praised God for rescuing these celebrated Gospel Artists.

To thank God for this, the two organised a party at Mirembe Simon‘s home and invited close friends to join in offering thanksgiving to God. A few weeks back, as shared by Julie Deborah’s secretary on the Gospel singer’s Facebook profile on Tuesday the 15th of September, she was hospitalised again.

Here is the post that was accompanied by the Doctor’s letter.

URGENT!! Hello Family,this is Julie Deborah’s Secretary..

After the accident in March,Julie has not perfectly recovered,she has been bed-ridden for more than 3 week. The Doctors in Mengo Hospital have tried their best but she has not improved enough.

Currently, she can hardly identify or tell someone close to her. According to the Doctors, she is recommended to seek help from the Neurosurgeon and Neuropsychologist in the U.S.A.

We therefore need your support, through prayers and financially so that we are able to save the life of our Kingdom Hero.

For any assistance please visit her or call her number:0772838079

or Secretary:0781547001.

Note,She cannot talk on phone, Bisha will always be there on her behalf.

God bless you!

We therefore implore our UgGospelLife family to be of help. Little by little we can give a hand to one who has blessed us with her ministry. Do be sure to pray but call and stand with her financially as well. May the Lord richly bless you.


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