[Guest Blog Post] Do We As Ugandans Have Innovations Of Our Own? Join #KoiKoiInnovation Challenge.

I once read somewhere that the older you grow; your ability to innovate diminishes. This fact makes me happy since I live in the youngest country in the world. This explains why we have the highest number of entrepreneurs in the world. The only sad bit is, as much as the world knows we are coming up with new methods, products and ideas, they do not know those new methods products and Ideas.

While the world was just debating repurposing and recycling, we were doing it years ago. We made our soccer balls out of used milk packets, we made our toy guns out of pawpaw branches, we made our Barbie’s out of reeds. We have always been ahead of the curve, but the world has made it a habit to tell us that those things make us backward, only to see them adapt those years later.

We are Africans. We are the birth place of civilisation. The hot bed of Innovation and now is a good time to show the world what we are capable of. We have developed ways to take care of premature babies without a million feeding tubes and incubators. We have developed a lot of things that the world has not seen yet.

Have you made something? Or do you know someone who has? Let’s tell the world about it. Snap it and share it on Instagram as part of this week’s #koikoiug challenge themed #koikoiInnovation. Let’s tell the story of Ugandan Innovation that will blow the world away.

For more on #KoiKoiUg check out @kafundakreative on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Follow us closely, we will keep you updated on progress. 

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Written by @iamogutudaudi


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