Pastor Martin Ssempa Summoned: The Question Is, Where Is He And Should We Be Concerned?

Outspoken Anti-Gay Activist, Pastor Martin Ssempa Is Lost. Where Is He?

Outspoken Anti-Gay Activist, Pastor Martin Ssempa Is Lost. Where Is He?

When someone mentions the name, Martin Ssempa, what comes to your mind is pastor, doctor or a once famous East African breakdance champion because he is all of the above. More often that not however, the activist and outspoken personality is what takes centre stage on people’s minds. If he is not making appearances in a music video (case in mind, Abatesi music video which features Radio and weasel on Chance Nalubega’s hit), or speaking at the weekly Prime Time, Pastor Ssempa is the unafraid Ugandan who is willing to speak for the many who for fear of being termed homophobic would rather shut up. 

Recently, Pastor Ssempa after a Destiny Leadership Expo earlier this year when he taught on the need to influence the media, got a new TV show on Urban Television that became an instant success. However, only a few weeks into airing what had then become a daily show, Martin Ssempa made an exit that was not explained to us. We therefore started wondering if Pastor Ssempa had travelled overseas because that would be the only logical reason for his absentia. What we discovered after months of silently asking numerous questions is that Pastor Martin Ssempa may in fact be in hiding.

Information reaching us and this has been backed by international stories online, is that Pastor Martin Ssempa and anti-gay activist has been summoned to testify in the USA in a court case involving another Pastor on trial, Scot Lively. The state of, Massachusetts issued a subpoena, a document that requires its recipient to appear in court as a witness. If you receive a subpoena, it doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong; it just means you may have information that’s needed by the court.

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) vs Scot Lively is a federal lawsuit against a US based attorney, author and expert on gay movement. His major crimes have been described as his alleged roles in trying to strip LGBTI people of fundamental rights. The accusations are based on his possible legal as well as intellectual support rendered to Martin Ssempa and anti-gay activist in the fight against homosexuality.

The question then to ask is, why has Pastor Martin Ssempa who is a dual citizen of the USA and Uganda not appeared after this subpoena? Is he in hiding and where? Is he in danger? Should Uganda as a nation make noise about this or merely keep silent and watch? Should we trust that the USA Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) only want his testimony? Or, is this their only chance of getting back at him and the whole resistance against the gay-agenda in the pearl of Africa?

We are asking questions here. Follow us closely for updates on this.


6 responses to “Pastor Martin Ssempa Summoned: The Question Is, Where Is He And Should We Be Concerned?

  1. May God look at how faithful pastor Dr Ssempa has been and shield and fight for. For I know there is no other that can stand in his place for now because what he fights is big


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  4. I pray that the persecution against LGBT in Uganda – the whole world, really – comes to a swift end, and I pray that justice is served for “pastor” Scott Lively. Neither Pastor “Eat Da Poo Poo” Ssempa or Scott Lively are model Christians, but both ARE anti-gay and homophobic. It’s time people put their foot down and stop tolerating discrimination, hate and bigotry from ANY religion, period.

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