Contemporary Dance Production, “Man With A Heart” To Attract Thousands -Sept 23rd & 24th.

It is refreshing when you learn of a production that is carefully thought-out, planned and are certain will be executed well. Amidst so many events happening in and around Kampala, we were particularly thrilled to find out about the “Man With A Heart” production. Of course, dance as an art form has grown and most especially contemporary dance.
It is against this background that we desired to chat with the “Man With A Heart” dance production producers. There will be two shows, one on a Friday, the 23rd and the other on Saturday the 24th. You will have to part with a small fee of 10, 000 shillings for the adults and 5,000 shillings for children. It will take place at Deliverance Church Makerere Hill but features a great number of dance crews.

“Man With A Heart” production Event Set For the 23rd and 24th of September 2016.

This is how the interview went.

Let us begin this chat with how you and the team conceived the “Man With A Heart” concept. 

Man With A Heart has been a dream of the High Praise Dancers for about a year now. At the beginning of this year we set a goal to accomplish this dream. We’ve been looking for an opportunity to participate in a concert for just dancers and have an chance to worship God through dance hence, Man With A Heart. Our inspiration is dancer David in the bible who was known as a man after God’s heart in Acts 13. Our theme is taken from the theme of Deliverance Church Makerere Hill on Love. We realize that a person after God’s heart has a heart of love and love is all the attributes as described in 1Cor 13. We took this idea of a dance concert further and are using this as an opportunity to raise money for the building of Deliverance Church Makerere Hill.
Once the idea was birthed, how did you go about putting the team together? 

Once the idea was birthed, the main trainers of the High Praise Dancers came together and identified people who we would like to have join us on our journey. We chose people that are charismatic, love dance, love the Lord, and who have inspired us. We created different teams and gave them leaders such as, team dancers, team producers, team media and team prayer. Each month the leaders of these teams would meet to, pray, share notes and communicate their progress.

“Man With A Heart” production Event Set For the 23rd and 24th of September 2016.

Would you agree the appreciation of dance as an art form has grown by leaps and bounds? 

Yes, appreciation for dance in Uganda has grown especially the more contemporary styles. In churches, people now view it as another way of worshipping God and enhancing the praise and worship times. Dance is seen as a great way of occupying children as it builds their confidence and performance skills. It’s also a fun group activity that everyone can participate in. We have just had the Batalo Dance Fest which had a great attendance and that shows how much people are actually appreciating dance in Kampala. We hope to show the same through Man With A Heart .

Will “Man With a Heart” go for the traditional African dance genre or it will be a contemporary dance production or a mixture of both? 

Man With A Heart will showcase mainly contemporary dance styles like Hip Hop, Contemporary Ballet, Salsa and House.

As the show producer(s), we would love to know a bit about you and your journey to becoming such great producers

We are team of producers from different walks of life and dance unites us. Andrew Amanyire is a dancer with Clay Dance Company and a trainer with the High Praise Dancers. His love for dance has given him the opportunity to train various dance teams in rural parts of Uganda and within Kampala. Mercy Illemungolet is a dancer and trainer with High Praise Dancers, her main dance styles are contemporary and salsa. Her determination and desire to learn more about dance encourages and inspires those she is with. She drives the team with gentle force and reminds everyone to keep their eyes on the goal. Rosette Roseveila is the High Praise Dancers leader. She started the High Praise Dancers a few years back with only two dancers and it has grown to fifteen. With her love for Christ and dance she guides her team to heights that challenges them and makes them better human beings and dancers.

Without giving away too much, what should we the audience expect during the production? 

At Man With A Heart expect a lot of fun and a lot of love. The audience will have a chance to witness some of the best Christian dance groups that Kampala has to offer.
We have been promised a lot of fun and we will have that much fun. See you there. See this poster for more details. 

“Man With A Heart” production Event Set For the 23rd and 24th of September 2016.

Below are a few pictures of the High Praise Dancers at a recent event at Deliverence Church.

“Man With A Heart” production Event Set For the 23rd and 24th of September 2016.



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