Drama As Lyrical Mycheal Is Caught In The Act, Slapped Then Forgiven [Video] 

A young couple’s mansion becomes the center of activity when the wife returns home and is greeted with scenes that brought many questions to her mind. The now curious lady then walks upstairs to find her husband in the arms of another lady. Of course it is not as graphic as we lead you to believe, but Lyrical Mycheal was caught in the act of cheating. What a wonderful way to captivate the audience. By now, you are wondering what the lady would do. Will she reach out for her gun and shoot and then get arrested? Will the video producers bring up a conversation box with words from Lyrical Mycheal saying, “It wasn’t me. The devil tempted me”?


They went for a fight between the two ladies while Lyrical Mycheal does not try to break the two from slaughtering each other. This is just perfect because, Wrong Number paints a picture a bad boy. If we know anything about bad boys, it is their lack of remorse. Instead, the singer starts to deliver verse one of his song as he walks out of the house. Was this in slow motion? Maybe we need another look.

The fight ends. The legitimate wife is shown shedding a few tears in front of a mirror while the other makes for the door after grabbing her belongings. Later, Lyrical Mycheal who plays the husband in the Wrong Number music video tries to apologize. They are now in what seemed to be a different location. He receives a hot slap before being forgiven. And all those whose hearts have been broken before wonder, “How?” Of course the music video is preaching forgiveness too. The two are seen smiling and later praying together in a small fellowship. End of story.

Hold it.

The story does not end like that at all. The side-chic once again returns to lure this brother who had rid himself of vices including drinking and gambling into sleeping with her, but she fails miserably. Lyrical Mycheal pays her no attention at all, and she finally decides to make the first move seeing as the gentleman was being slow. He resists the temptation, she makes an exit and that’s it…

Maybe we need a part two of this intense drama and a perfectly executed music video. One thing you need to leave with is, whoever this Woko Derrick from Toltape Films is, that human being deserves a round of applause for producing the music video.

A Scene From Wrong Number Music Video - Lyrical Mycheal

A Scene From Wrong Number Music Video – Lyrical Mycheal


About Wrong Number 

This is a single that Lyrical Mycheal, FKA Lyll Mykk released this year and it went on to top numerous Urban and contemporary music charts. With just one song released this year, Lyrical Mycheal is on his way to becoming a household name. May God use Lyrical Mycheal mightily for His glory. Now that the music video is out of the way, we are waiting for his next new song. It definitely needs to be a hot jam.


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