Introducing The Red Sofa Sessions: Conversations, Networking and Entertainment For Elites

Come the 28th of October, Garden City Rooftops will be the centre of activity when the inaugural Red Sofa Sessions kicks off in style. Information reaching our desks confirms that the ‘Christian talk show featuring interactive inspirational talks and conversations with pastors, businessmen, leaders, etc with live performances from gospel artists’ will indeed be the ultimate experience for elites.

We have to jump right in and say, Silver Kyagulanyi, a critically acclaimed songwriter, music producer and Christian musician who has received massive mainstream recondition will be a chief guest and the conversations will be guided by Power Fm’s morning show host, Ronnie Habasa. As if that is not enough, Sandra Suubi who is rightly referred to as ‘The Vocal Powerhouse’ will be present to shake all the shackles with her Airtel Trace competition-winning weapon – her voice 

So, the question is, what exactly is The Red Sofa Session?

What we have gathered, and you must allow us express our excitement, it is a show that will create the right environment for conversations on life experiences through music from carefully selected guest musicians and encourage networking.

The main man behind the Red Sofa Sessions told us that, concerning networking the team intends to “get Christians to meet and get to know each other, share their areas of work, business etc.” In addition to this, Shadrack Kuteesa said, “In the long run we want to see Christians supporting each other in areas of business, employment, Farming etc”

Can we just end here and invite all of you for the Red Sofa Sessions? We believe there is power in connecting with people. Networking is much more than just finding business partners, it is finding life partners. The scriptures emphasize this with, “How can two walk together unless they agree?” You must meet somehow, and, the Red Sofa Sessions is exactly the right place. For many of you reading this, it is true that your long awaited break lies in connecting with like-minded people who see things through your lens and or, those who may see things differently but help sharpen you through looking at things differently.

Elites invited for The Red Sofa Sessions.

Elites invited for The Red Sofa Sessions.


In fact, we were curious enough to inquire how the guest speakers are selected. To this, the chief organizer of the Red Sofa Sessions told us that, “We consider their (the guest’s) personal testimony of what God has done in their life since becoming born again. Also what they are doing to serve/spread the gospel or model Christ in there day to day life.”

Perhaps someday there should be a Red Sofa Session where we engage with the online media community on how to harness the power of social media. Our dreams are valid too. Back to the inaugural Red Sofa Sessions – The show will kick off with networking coffee, then the conversations commence, a musical break before the conversations continue.

Concerning the sessions, Shadrack says, it is impossible to return from it empty handed. He assured us that, you will return with “Deeper faith. Your faith in God won’t be the same depending on the testimonies shared.”

Shadrack Kuteesa was formerly deeply involved with the secular music industry. In his own words, he told us that, he has been in salvation for nine months. “I was in the secular industry doing artist management and events management. I gave my life to Christ in December 2015, joined Watoto church North in January, was baptized in February, got married in May, organized Coop Bly’s concert 2016  and currently in school of prayer at Watoto Church.”

Catching up with him brought us to the realization that God has given him an extreme make-over and totally transformed his life. It was no surprise when he said, “After being born again, I cut off secular artists and events. I am now using the same talents to support gospel artists and gospel events. Also, I am part of the team organizing Amazing Grace concert for Brian Lubega.”

Consider this your memo.


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