Derrick Tha Priest & JC Muyonjo Collaborate On Salawo [Audio + Lyrics]

This is a case of ‘we don’t want you to be singing the wrong lyrics.’ Hence, when Derrick Tha Priest who has been rather silent sent the audio and lyrics to the song, we definitely had to share this with you, lest you sing the wrong lyrics. He features JC Muyonjo and took us back in time to when slow-rap was a thing. This one is something for the Hip-Hop heads for sure.

Speaking to Ug Gospel Life on the gist of the song, Derrick said, “The song is about that one life decision we all have to make at one point in life; Live for Jesus Christ or live for self, as experienced on Derrick’s life journey as a youth seeking truth.”

Meanwhile, Derrick Tha Priest’s fans have started pouring praise on the song. ” I must say, I have been listening since yesterday I know the whole song by heart now. It’s a nice jam. I guess we can even dance to it in a baala,” said a one Mutara on Facebook.

On the other hand, Gloria of Power Fm with great excitement announced, ” I’m proud to know you Derrick Tha Priest and JC Muyonjo.”

Is this the part where we also say we are glad to have listened to one of the best songs from Derrick Tha Priest to date? That one was titled, My Jesus.

Salawo - Derrick ThaPriest ft JC Muyonjo

Salawo – Derrick ThaPriest ft JC Muyonjo

Salawo, in Luganda, is a word used to mean, “make a decision.” You can definitely guess that the song is a call to choose which path you are taking.\


Here is the audio.



Derrick ThaPriest, … J. C Muyonjo,
Verse 1(Derrick)
I used to spend my time contemplating greatness,
Trying everything that promised the same,
Offers kept coming with beautiful branding, But they all left me branded with shame,
And with time I slowly became,
A pone in this game, a puppet to the desire for fame,
School Rules couldn’t tame me, I’m breaking them daily, seeking a throne on which I could reign.
And on this train, I lost track, of sanity,
Vanity driven, chasing after the wind so I was left misery stricken,
Feeling a temporary satisfaction,
Hoping to add to my joy, devil making deduction, all the while the Lord is looking at me with
Like “Come back home son, I still love you with passion.
like Murchison you’re beautiful, even if you fall,
Just take my hand and rise up, make sure of your call,
And election, no lining at the poll,
It’s life or death, but choose me in whom you already won”.

Chorus (J. C)
Salawo, salawo, Comte back home,
Komawo, komawo, you’re not on your own.

Verse 2 (Derrick)
I’m giving no space to the devil, he’s out to tempt me,
I’m keeping clean and holy just like my King JC,
Yes JC that’s “My Jesus”, the one who cut off all my sins with no scissors,
Paper, rock, scissors, my life was a gamble,
Till I met the Rock on paper, sharper than a double edged sword.
Tha Owl had to die, hand me that shovel,
Burrying this flesh and resurrect a Priest to the Lord,
They’re watching me 6 years down the road,
Waited for Derro’s kasigiri to expire,
Some think it’s a cult, bano ba kibwetere,
Funny thing is this house is still on fire 🔥!
When will I retire? The day the Lord calls me home,
And I may not see death, could be Enoch airways.
Anyways let’s stick to the point ku mulamwa
If the Lord can save me, then teli kimulema,

Chorus (J. C)

Salawo, salawo, Comte back home,
Komawo, komawo, you’re not on your own.

Outro (Derrick)

Change or no change, that’s up to you,
Yes, you after pleasure, but is it false or true,
Awatali Yesu eyo mpewo, it’s all vanity,
See its black or white, hot or cold,
You either fly or respond to gravity,
So akyali eyo, see I only got one word for you…


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