Her Radio Love-Affair, Worship Harvest And Upendo Silent Disco, Gloria Nanfuka Shares 

Our writer had an interview with 104.1 Power Fm’s Gloria Nanfuka who hosts The Bridge. She tells us how she followed her heart and is glad she did, and we grill her on her experiences at Worship Harvest church as well as involvement in Upendo’s Silent Disco. This is how it went.

​It is the first time we are interviewing you, could you share with us your story? Who is Gloria? 

Haha! I am honoured. There’s a very high chance I was among your first 20 followers on twitter . Who is Gloria? Hmmm…Let me start with education. Jonas rhyme doesn’t know this but we went to the same  Primary school(tying on celebs…lol) . I went to Kasubi Church of Uganda Primary School after which I joined Nabisunsa Girls’ School where I was from S.1-S.6 , then I joined Kyambogo University from where I acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in Building Economics (a.k.a Quantity Surveying) . I am the youngest of four children.

The Gloria and Radio love affair, how did it begin?

One day I was listening to Ben and Pablo, they were doing the Breakfast show on Power fm which was then known as “Go” and I was hooked! They made me laugh, they encouraged me…in short , they made me want to be like them. That is when I got my “epiphany” of sorts. I realized I wanted to do radio. I was in first year at Campus at the time.

I wasn’t a big fan of what I was studying. I had wanted to do Marketing but I got the course on Government Sponsorship and all the advice I got said, “It’s only your first degree, just do it” So throughout the four years, I struggled with making a decision of what I was to do after campus. On some days, I would try and convince myself that maybe I didn’t mind being a Quantity Surveyor. However, by fourth(final) year, I had made up my mind that it would be akin to living a lie. So I timidly and with all the trust I could master, gave it to God and decided I wouldn’t be practicing my profession after graduation. I made a conscious decision to not look for the jobs even.

My first proper 9-5 job was in an HR consultancy firm (aikan Human Resource Consultants). They interviewed me for a Temp position that I did not get. About a month later, they offered me a paid internship. I was taken on as a Marketing intern but by the time I left two years later, I was assisting the consultants in recruitment work as well. They gave me my first dose of employment and I’m forever grateful. I learnt so much from them.

About a year and a half in, I started to get restless. I had a decision to make. If I were to continue in HR, I had to go back to school for it, otherwise I was wasting time becoming good at the wrong thing. I wanted to move. I mean, I had not consciously walked away from QS for this.

A friend of mine who worked in the Touch fm news room at that time told me they were hiring for presenters. So, I went to the website and filled out an application form. Many interviews, voice tests, and training sessions later, I got my radio debut at 95.9 Touch fm. It was 3rd November 2015. I had zero experience but so much desire. I knew I had so much to prove. It was a morning show(Do you understand the pressure?). Adjusting my body clock to be up by 4:30 or 5 am, to think on my feet and make sense on air, as well as win the listeners’ favour. I will admit it was tough at the start. It wasn’t how I’d imagined it would be or feel when I was finally living the dream.

I did the morning show at Touch fm called Fresh Start and a Sunday show called Blissful where I played gospel rock music. I left at the end of June 2016 (last year).

I took sometime off to just enjoy God and rest. I was super tired. I had worked non-stop for about 2 years.

Towards the end of last year, Power fm advertised, and here we are.

How is it? It’s beautiful. I received a lot of favour from the Power Fm audience. I could say I’m more in my element and more relaxed since I had been on radio before. It has been easier for me to enjoy myself here. Also, I have loved this station since I discovered it accidentally in 2004.

Gloria at Worship Harvest Church

Gloria at Worship Harvest Church

Of recent, you are bringing us into your world in an amazing way. While following (spying on) you, we noticed that you mention Worship harvest a lot…tell us a bit about your experience at the ministry and how it has affected you
Worship Harvest, wow. I have been going there for about a year now. I actually remember the first day I went because… it was on one of my friend’s birthday. June 5th 2016. It was around the time I was planning to leave my previous job. I have been a Jesus girl for most of my life. For about two years, I wasn’t so much into the Sunday service. I would attend fellowships. I would hang out with God but wasn’t so much into Sunday. Then I believe God started leading me back to it. I asked. He led me to Worship Harvest. I showed up and without even knowing so much about the ministry, my heart said yes. So the past year has been one of mostly learning and bonding. It’s been wonderful. I am on an exciting journey with God and Worship Harvest happens to be where God has placed me for this part of my journey.
#CBOM – Church Begins on Monday and Sunday is Garage time, is like the Worship Harvest motto. The reminder that God has given us so much, us the church of Jesus Christ. We have the solutions for all the problems in the world . Imagine, you carry the power that raised Christ from the dead within you. So, we are reminded, equipped, shown to be church in the world. On Sunday, we meet for servicing and on Monday, we go be Church.
Also, we notice that you were talking about “Upendo Silent Disco”, what is this?

Why? To raise money to support children released from Naguru Remand Home. Help them get into Vocational school.

When? Friday 30th Junestarting at 6pm

Organiser? Upendo Missional Community (A Missional Community Under Worship Harvest)

Who is invited? EVERYONE…the whole world!!!

What to expect? 5djs, 3 channels. Dope music. Lots of amazing food and drinks on sale. A fun crowd. Giving for a good cause.

A story that deeply affected Gloria is shared on her very recent blog post. Check it out.


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