The Burn Out Silent Disco Has Come For Us.

The Burn Out Silent Disco Has Come For Us

Can you imagine the amount of excitement that flooded our hearts when we first heard of ‘The Burn Out Silent Disco?’ It was at first from a Twitter trend and later through our interaction with the gentleman in charge of it. He needs no introduction.

Ladies and gentlemen, DJ Awar is at it again. He told us,

“I hope you are well.”

Yes we are well. God has been extremely good. Can we hear an ‘Amen?’. Anyway, he continued to say,

“I am well and pushing on. 2017 1st quarter had me very silent because I was planning for my year as a DJ.”

Silence please, wait for it.

“This year I plan to invest more in events and creating platforms for urban gospel music. My first project is The Burn Out Silent Disco. I know the concept of a Silent Disco is not new to the secular but my major reason for this event is to create a platform for the Gospel DJs to showcase. I am working with 7 amazing DJs : PERUZ, Twonjex, Stef, Conqueror, Rayne, Rhymz And a surprise…

“This year I believe that it is time for the gospel DJ to grow and you will notice most of my events will be focused on my new project, “Dance Floor Clean Up.””

He went on to tell us that he would keep us updated, but by this time, the blood flow to our hearts, head and all parts responsible for dancing had increased pressure beyond control. We had to probe him for more details, because we want the Ug Gospel Life family to know about this in time to save that 20,000 Uganda shillings for the event.

The Burn Out SIlent Disco with DJ Awar Among others.

The Burn Out SIlent Disco with DJ Awar Among others.

Even while writing this, we had to resist the urge to avoid breaking into a “Making Jesus Famous” or, “Nanyini Kampala” dance mode. The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is uncontainable. Invite your gang.

It is easy for us to assume that, like the team here at Ug Gospel Life, you know who DJ Awar is. For the minority who do not know, Titus Kairo aka DJ Awar who works at Spirit started out deejay-ing seriously in 2009 after watching DJ Twonjex play at the then Kampala Pentecostal Church (now Watoto Church) at a World Aids Day dance off.

The last born in a family of two – he has a big sister, DJ Awar told us he was drawn by what Twonjex did and, “since I was brought up in a musical environment, and by that time I was an active dancer, I seemed to love the idea of being in charge of what people dance to. So I approached Twonjex and the rest is history.”

As you can guess, DJ Awar went on to tell us, “It has been a hard journey considering Urban Gospel Music was rare to come by but somehow I made it through… It is very tough being a gospel DJ because our resources are limited and the idea of us (DJs) isn’t very welcome by the Church making it hard for us to flourish but the greatest feeling is knowing that you impacted someone.”

DJ Awar who is famous for his The Burn Out radio show on Fridays, the just concluded ‘The Burn Out Express’ mixes, hosting Spirit Fm’s Drive time show (Da Drive) with Lady Bezo and Irene Nanyonjo, and making multiple appearances at events left an encouragement for aspiring DJs. He said, “If you are out there and you are an up and coming Gospel DJ, all I can say is, if you have the will, discipline and passion plus the right mentor, you are set to win.. I encourage you not to think it is hard but it is not easy either, come ready to labor but in this vine yard it is not in vain.”

Spoken like a true general, there is nothing more we can add to that, except invite you to The Burn Out Silent Disco on the 7th of April at Sehab Restaurant next to Bible House on Bombo road. See you there.


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