Amos Wekesa, The Face Of Uganda Tourism To Headline The Red Sofa Sessions (Against All Odds)

The now popular Red Sofa Sessions is back – we add, with a bang! The face of Uganda Tourism, Mr Amos Wekesa is the headlining personality. His is a story that has inspired the growth of the tourism sector, and his Great Lakes Safaris – a  leading tourism company in East Africa and Africa at large. He is a highly sought-after speaker and, this time, at The Red Sofa Sessions he will be telling us how he beat the odds.

Speaking to The Report Company, he narrated his journey from an impoverished home, failure to make it to school until he was ten, refusal to join University because he did no like school and starting out as a sweeper to where he is now. How did he beat the odds?

“When we started out it was extremely difficult, but I’d been a tour guide so a lot of people had written online about their experience with me. What made us grow as a business was in 2002, when I took out a lady from the World Bank on a tour. She then recommended another group, and one of that group enjoyed their trip so much, and he decided to come back. Then on November 22nd 2002 he wrote a big article in the Washington Times about us, and included our contacts, and that was the beginning of our business. People came looking for us, and that opened lots of opportunities. From then I’ve appeared on CNN; we’ve been everywhere.”

On Friday the 31st, March 2017 at the Garden City roof tops, Amos Wekesa will be joined by Peter Mukiibi the Creative Director at Addmaya, a Ugandan Film, TV and Design firm. This one is a story of one who, in an economy where it is cool to survive on a job, left behind full-time employment, joined his friends to start a Company. They started with only 4 clients but now boast of over 40 clients both locally and internationally. 

Speaking to Onyait Odeke of Dignited, Peter Mukiibi said, “Before we started Addmaya, Arthur and I were already doing design and working for some people. We actually started back in the day working for Solomon Benge of Elemental Edge and Watoto Church among others. We would watch YouTube videos and see what other companies globally were doing and admiring their good work. We were having fun and doing things we enjoy. It’s during this time that Arthur and I developed a very good working relationship that was very fundamental to the birth of Addmaya.”

Red Sofa Sessions to host Amos Wekesa, Peter Mukiibi, Solome Basuuta and Abaasa.

Red Sofa Sessions to host Amos Wekesa, Peter Mukiibi, Solome Basuuta and Abaasa.

These and more are the stories to expect at The Red Sofa Sessions. The icing on the cake is Solome Basuuta who has run at thousands of miles per hour while many watch with a mix of excitement and envy (we cannot confirm this ‘envy’ part though, but you get the point, right?). Her rise to being a highly sought-after vocalist is one that we have told from the get-go. She is known to leave crowds yearning for more.

That is not all, Abaasa – a producer, recording artist and drummer will be in the house to perform some of his trending songs. He has beaten the odds like all of the guests, and that is what this month’s edition of The Red Sofa Sessions is all about.

We have to take a deep sigh here, this is going to be be an awe-inspiring experience.

Tickets at available at only 20,000 shillings at the Power Fm offices. This comes with Coffee from co-partners, Good African Coffee. We are proudly associated with The Red Sofa Sessions. 



The Red Sofa Sessions have been brought to you by Platinum Gospel,Power Fm, Good African Coffee, SMS-one, and Ug Gospel Life. See you there.

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