Jonas Rayme Unveiled – The New Kid On The Block.

Jonas Rayme Interview.

Jonas Rayme Reveals Why He does What He Does In This Interview.

On many occasions, the team here finds an artist who must be unveiled here on our blog. This time it is Mbaleka Jonathan Raymond B, who most of you know as Jonas Rayme. Since listening to Yegwe, Centre of it all and in 2015, Togenda and Believe, we knew we would make a proper Ug Gospel Life introduction. Here is how our little chat went down.

Jonas, it is an absolute pleasure to have this opportunity. How are you finding the music industry? 

The Music Industry is ok for me so far, knowing that your songs are played, Loved and appreciated by the People is a very big Encouragement to me to work harder and of course I find a few challenges in this Industry like Pressure, Celebrity Heat, Maintaining the cool Image, Financial Support, Publicity and many others but all in all it takes Deep Love for what you do, Patience, Prayer and Determination. So all in all the Music Industry is Manageable!

So, you are a few years into the music industry as a professional, tell us when you started.

It all started in church I remember it was Christmas Cantata at our church when we killed the show with my sweet sister Namatovu Leah then it went on ahead to 2008 when I was given a chance to lead a song as young as I was and this gave me strength to keep keeping on.

When I joined Mengo I met a good hommie in my form 3 called Derrick Musisi (Dagg Mizzo) he was a rapper and I was there wanting to do everything so we started coming up with ideas of making a duo or group of young Upcoming artists till in 2012 when we recorded our first song called ‘Africa is where I belong’ as Jonax and Dagg Mizzo and at the same time “doing live night gigs with a Couple of Artists some known others still undercover” so we then changed to 8B8 Movement recruiting other young willing upcoming singers and rappers with a dream after realising we had what it takes. So we started working together more and more and along the way we got a female vocalist called Petra and we recorded a few projects as both a Rapper and Vocalist that we tried to push but due to lack of backup, experience we failed to push the songs far….

After sometime of hustling together with these guys me and Derrick decided we should try Solo careers and that was my eye opener that made me decide what I really want for my Music so I chose Gospel and decided to use a more appropriate simple normal name “Jonas” and that’s when I talked to my Dad that I wanted to start recording so he decided to support me and I started recording with Sam Bisaso and later Prod. Alshizzo and Sam Kwick till now and we still active as 8B8 movement.

What’s a normal day in Jonas Rayme’s life when he is not going to studio to record or do any music related things. 

Haha ok well, I am an Art Student at MUK and I spend most of my time on my Laptop working on people’s orders because I am a Self taught Graphics Designer and Picture editor/Manipulator, Photographer and Fine Artist. I am a ‘Workaholic’ someone special used to mention that to me a lot haha but usually love going swimming with my friends and I Love video games, Yapping and Laughing a lot so that’s how I roll most of the times.

Which Ugandan artists Inspire you and why? 

Um vocally there is Sam Kimera, Mark Langa, Prod. Kwesiga Albert (Alshizzo) then when it comes to performance its Levixone and Holy Keane these guys can hold up the Crowd.

Which international Artistes inspired you to be the artist you are today? 

I won’t lie, all my Life since I started singing I loved singing to ‘Chris Brown’s Songs until now when am battling with that great deep desire to sing like him and dance like him too, I guess he inspired me a lot for all that time but I’ve now found taste in Pompi, J.Moss, Mali Music, and yeah and of course me too hihi

If you had one request to make to God for Ugandan music industry, what would you ask for and why? 

I would wish for more Recognition, Less Politics, Equality, Platform, Unity because Music is a Language we all understand so it shouldn’t create a gap in between artists but rather bring us together.

Should we expect an album or a concert soon? 

Yes God Willing but I first want to finish with my Academics so for the mean time am just giving you what’s from my Heart and relating with the people out there. So “no pressure”

Where do you fellowship from? 

I fellowship from Makerere Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church. (ROLEC) located along Gaddafi Rd.

What would you say about Pastors, Church leaders and events organizers not giving Artistes any financial support to help them in ministry? 

I think sometimes its two ways because if you really know you will need that Financial support first of all make sure you include the people you’ll need as you go on with your projects and Ministry not just working from the sides and expect them to come look out for you. Then those different categories mentioned should also create platform for discovering talents and should engage more with the Artists and be willing not only to see them sing in their choirs or be in a place where they want to see them but remember that it’s not God that’s going to reach us and give us a bag of money to go to studio, make great videos and dress like real stars No! Let them give God a chance to use them to reach out to the artistes through promoting and supporting the God’s Ministry.

For the ladies reading this, they may wish to know, is Jonas taken, single or…..? 

Umm yeah, I’m single and I think am okay with it.

Can you tell us your salvation story? 

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour when I was 10 years and that was in 2006 I remember some lady sat me down and she told that in time to come I won’t have place in this World if i hadn’t accepted Jesus Christ to Live in me. This kind of scared me but I had to make my first ever serious individual decision so a few years later when I had started venturing more into music that’s in 2013 i made my second serious Individual decision to get baptised and Live by what I chose to Live with which was God!

Why do you think you do what you do? 

I do what I do because I love what I do and I had a Dream! So it’s high time I Lived it and change that dream into Memories that will live forever.

What are your last words to our readers? 

First of all Seek God first ever in your Life, Don’t give up on your Dreams because it’s through those dreams that you will be able to save a Smile and a Soul so Listen only to what God says because People will always talk whether you are doing bad or Good!

And lastly be the Kind of Person you would Love, Wish or want to meet. May God Bless you All.



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