Mid Year Update & 10 New Uganda Gospel Artistes To Watch.

It was a normal day in the last week of May when it dawned on me that we are almost half into 2015. By the time you read this, we are sure it is June or weeks or months afterwards. There has already been some really great activity, whether that translates into progress or not, we are not sure. Anyway, we have had a great time with you our dear readers this year already. With your support, we were nominated Best Blog/Blogger in Social Media Awards.

UgGospelLife as blog and Twitter has been with you on most of the events (sorry if we didn’t represent in some). We have shared some of the music that you love and interviewed a lot of artistes as well as brought to you some pieces you were kind enough to say you loved. We do not take it for granted when you interact with us and share in our attempt at doing the little that God enables us to do.

We cannot do this mid-year brief without thanking our #SaturdayTalkUg family. We have hosted some of your favorite people and encouraged a discussion of things that matter both to christian living and day-to-day life. Sometimes we went all out Gospel, other times we went all out educational and maybe in the future we will go all out informative. All in all, we are grateful.

Now, the reason you probably clicked this link. Top ten Artists to watch: Please be informed that being excluded from this list should not in any way discourage you as an artiste. Keep doing what you do. Most definitely, this list is in order of preference.


Well. It is rather hard to put K!MERA whose real name is Sam Kimera on this list and not give him the number one spot. He has released only two solo radio songs but has received mileage that many can only dream of. Of course, you may want to place all of this on his management team, but that would also be unfair to the artiste that K!MERA is. He is number one on this list for being different and bringing a new sound into the airwaves that has crossed over to the secular radios too.

2. Solome

I honestly think you should have seen this coming. Coming in at number two is one who a few months back was in her comfort zone. She released her “The Love Story” album in a May 1st concert that was sold out. We had an interview with her prior to her concert and wrote a review. There you find all that you missed. All eyes on her. We can’t wait for what the future holds.

3. Sandra Suubi

Now. She made a revelation in an exclusive interview with us after her Trace Music competition that she is currently working on an album and promised to keep us updated. She makes it to the list because, she is a force to reckon with and the sky is not the limit.

4. Jennifer Mirembe.

Honestly, it is not so often that you find an artist whose music does not fall in the categories you are acquainted with but still love it all the same. I have had the opportunity as your writer to experience her songs and watch her beautifully done music videos. I think when someone gives her music a good listen, they will love it. I found it particularly interesting that some of her songs have a local appeal, whereas a song like Hope which has a music video but will be part of her next project, is something that can play anywhere in Africa. Watch this video and come tell me if I lied.

5. Samantha Ocero

She is an artiste who you keep at the back of the mind knowing that she is good. When she released “Changes” and followed it up with “Something New,” she made a statement of her arrival. She has been doing radio tours to promote these songs and some interviews. Maybe one day we shall interview her for a blog feature. Keep your ears to the ground.

6. Andrea Pressom

She is already a VIGA Awards nominated artiste who makes her appearance on this list because she has been rather quiet or she has been merely out of sight wherever we have been. Nevertheless, she has a new reggae song that fuses both Luganda and English to deliver a splendid sound. Prior to that, there was that song that featured among top songs for 2014 in our survey. She did well to share with her fans some music in the local language. We have been waiting.

7. Lagum

I can hear the Hip Hop family almost breathing a sigh of relief. He is one of the members of the Gospel Rap group, Elevator Music and just recently re-branded to Lagum. His song with Ruyonga and Tucker HD 1Hunid received great attention upon release and is doing rounds on rotation on bote secular and mainstream media. Thumbs up. We are watching.

8. Ernest Rush

This name should ring a bell and probably linger in your mind for a while. This new rap artiste released a Mixtape called “StrtTrbl” and held what we gathered was quite a successful launch and premier of next new release for his upcoming album. He has all the ingredients to make a great artiste. We are not silently watching, because we have already done an interview and feature here.

9. Jonas Rayme. 

He is an artiste who we will not say much about. But, read this interview with him to know what we are talking about. He is the new kid on the block to look out for. INTERVIEW.

10. Finally, we failed to find a number ten. When we do, we shall add this artist to the list. This is however also your chance to add that one artiste who you believe should be on this list but isn’t. Put it in our comments section and we will keep tabs on them and when necessary, we will unveil them here.

Final thoughts. Thank you for continuously reading our posts, commenting, Retweeting, sharing and even tagging us in your conversations. Until the next time we do an elaborate review like this, keep it locked here. We love you.


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