Runyankore & RnB Collide In “Marvelous” – Masquo Bond [Audio, Lyrics] 

It seems Masquo Bond or simply Bond is at it again “making melodies”, this time a brand new tune, Marvelous. The member of Able 4 who released the smashing breakaway hit “Melodies” and followed it up with “Take The Wheel” – a song he did with Fortune Spice is making a lot of music.

Concerning the song, Bond spoke to Ug Gospel Life and said

“It’s a song of praise to God (Holy Trinity aka Friends in the most high places), for the way he shows us love and shows it off is marvelous. Ephesians 3:10

In verse one I sing of the authority He gives to drive the enemy away, of how He satisfies my heart with His sweet Word.

In verse two I sing of how we were created equal and it pleased Him.”

Andy Muzik and First Love are credited for the formation of the song, although it was produced by Andy Muzik of Buddies Studios.

Marvelous – Masquo Bond 


Tururutu tururu

Ninye Masquo

I got Friends in the most high places you

Yes it is awesome ahha

Yes it is awesome ahhh

So let me sing to’em

You are marvelous x 2 oh yeah

You are marvelous x 2 Yahweh

You are marvelous x 2 oh yeah

You are marvelous egoo
Verse 1

Manya notuma nashaba omuzigu yiruka konka okatukunda

Manya notuma niguta ekigambo kyanura happiness on my case

I love you Lord


When I am with you I win

You reign on high


I am giving to you my soul today take it
Verse 2

Your love is such a fire

My sweet addiction I’ll mention to the nations yeah

That your love is so inevitable


Omumisho ga Mukama ka nitwingana

Yesu okatubijya haza kyakushemeza so I am making melodies yeah

To the one who keeps me sane when I walk via valley of death

To the one who knows my future when tomorrow is so opaque yeah

You got Friends in the most high places

Yes it is awesome

Roger that roger that brah

Roger that roger that sis

Bless Yah


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