​Reggae Prodigy, Positive To Perform In Uganda At Love Loud Rave Concert, Organisers Speak Out. 

If you had plans of being away from Uganda and especially Kampala in September, you definitely have to rearrange your movements to coincide with the arrival of Positive. There has been a recurring rumor for more than a year that Joel Murray, popularly known as Positive would be in Uganda.

Positive enjoys himself on stage. [Internet Photo]

Positive enjoys himself on stage. [Internet Photo]

It is with great pleasure that “Love Loud,” announced that Positive had been confirmed as the headlining artist. Speaking on behalf of Love Loud, an organisation that’s all about doing small and great acts of love that points people to the love of Jesus, DJ Awar of Spirit Fm told us that Love Loud Rave will be an annual event with a Caribbean theme, focusing on the music genres Reggae,  Dancehall, ragga, and Socca.

“Love Loud is a movement that we started – a movement that is unashamed to show the love of Jesus to community through things that are doable,” DJ Awar revealed while speaking to Ug Gospel Life.

He continued to say that, “Most of the times we are very good at preaching the gospel on the pulpit. Love Loud is about pushing the agenda of doing and being doers of the word that we Preach so much about. We’d love to add our voices to very many who preach about it. We intend to do very many things. One of the things we intend to be a part of is, community outreach, High School and campus outreach. At Love Loud, we are just a bunch of young people who are crazy about Jesus. We just want to be able to show Jesus (to the world).”

“Love Loud Rave is one of our annual events and we’ve partnered with Spirit Fm. Most of us at Love Loud are from Spirit Fm. We figured, let’s make Love Loud a Spirit Fm affair because it is home as well for us.
Love Loud Rave is a semi-concert. It’s a very big dancefloor. We intend to have some awesome DJ-ing as part of the program – as opposed to the past where the DJs play before the artist. This time, we have two amazing DJ sets where you guys get to dance to the music, enjoy the music and leave that place satisfied. So, just lookout for that and awesome performances by 5 of the best Ugandan Gospel artists.”

Ugandans have been informed to look out for Positive aka Joel Murray, two dancehall artists, one from Zambia and another from Kenya. Further still, DJ Awar told us to,

“Look forward to an amazing sound setup and all these other things that we do to make sure that our events are on point and topnotch. Make sure you come with your dancing shoes. There will be early bird tickets. So far, what I can confirm is that ordinary tickets will be 20,000 Uganda shillings and 50,000 Uganda shillings for VIP tickets.”

Life beyond music, Joel Murray aka Positive in his free time.

Life beyond music, Joel Murray aka Positive in his free time.

“The early bird tickets will be dropping and they will be at half price. Any second from now, we are going to have early bird tickets. Make it a point to be on social media. Use the Hashtag #LoveLoudRave. Tell a friend to tell a friend. And of course, we’re going to have a couple of challenges coming up here and there. Be sure to participate in them. Definitely, we will be able out some very nice goodies and stuff like that.”
“One thing I can say is, Love Loud Rave is not just a concert but an experience.”
Responding to the people who have been asking whether it is an annual event, DJ Awar told us that, the team behind Love Loud Rave is already thinking about next year. That is is a message for another day, for now, let us celebrate the fact that Positive will be in Uganda.

Information reaching us also states that Positive is extremely excited about this. He has been longing to come to Uganda.
The question many of you might be asking yourselves is, after Love Loud Rave, then what? What next? Well, almost reading into your thoughts, DJ Awar also told us,

“We don’t intend to be quiet the whole of next year. After the Love Loud Rave, we plan to be able to facilitate very many things and be part of very many things in our community, because at the end of the day, beyond the Love Loud Rave, we are Love Loud – a group of young people who are just crazy about doing crazy things and showing Jesus and not just talking about him.”


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