2016, The Year DJs Thrived: Here Is What ruled Their Music Mix.

If followed Ug Gospel Life from the inception, then you know that we are really passionate about anything that leads to the growth of the Gospel music industry in Uganda. In the past, we observed with envy as Gospel DJs in the neighbouring Kenya were celebrated and awarded. In many Uganda Gospel music awards, the DJs were not recognized. The earlier and trying times were when the likes of DJ Muji, Twonjex and Peruz were rising. It must have not been an easy ordeal.

We can now say that Uganda boasts of a great number of top-notch DJs to include the aforementioned and DJ Awar, DJ Stef, DJ Skamzac, DJ Reign, and of recent, Byg Tim who was mentored by DJ Muji as he revealed in an earlier interview. We are soon going to feature the female DJ Hush aka Hush Baby.

DJ Hush aka Hush Baby

DJ Hush aka Hush Baby

2016 is the year when Uganda’s Christian DJs broke many barriers. Uganda’s HIT Awards celebrated DJ Xris who just recently rebranded to the Reverend DJ. He has done a splendid job filling the big shoes of DJ Peruz who exited The Block Party show on Power Fm. DJ Stef, who has been baptized the intenational DJ Stef, hosted the top trending Urban Edge Extra, a Friday edition of Urban Edge with the newest radio presenter, Mulungi Faith. About her (Faith’s) rise to becoming a favourite presenter, we should engage her soon.

As if that is not enough, arguably the most loved and hardworking one among them, DJ Awar joined Spirit Fm with the hit The Burn Out Friday night show and released The Burnout Xpress mixes throughout the year. In addition to that, he joined Spirit Fm’s drive-time show and has been selling like hot cake as an events DJ.

While all of this was happening, DJ Twonjex who was official granted legendary status at HIT Awards planned and hosted his Tweeta Mix Party in late 2015, then continued to takeover Twitter and social media with the Tweeta Mixes every Thursday except on days when reasons beyond his control made it impossible for him to serve the Thursday mix.

In addition to his mixes, DJ Twonjex hosts one of the most popular Saturday shows, beat street ug. It was particularly refreshing when he bagged the award for Best DJ at the recently held inaugural Hip Hop Awards. Overwhelmed with what God had enabled him achieve, he said,

“I give honor and glory to God for giving me a gift to praise Him and then I would like to thank all my fans for making this possible. On wards and upwards!! Keep it Jesus!”

Of course this post cannot be complete without telling you about the DJ who gave us the hot ‘Amen In HD’ mixes, Skamzac. The very creative DJ Skamzac has perhaps made the most of social media, especial Twitter, to serve his mixes. For his role in deliberately making sure he collaborates with other DJs both from Uganda, and all-over the world, his contribution does not go unnoticed.

VIGA Awards has this nominated DJ Awar, DJ Stef, DJ SKamzac and DJ Achiever for the award of DJ of the year. May the one with the greatest votes win. We think they all did great work.

DJ Rayne on the other hand, has held it down on The Big Mix shows on Spirit Fm, where he doubles as the music director. There is also a host of other DJs from Uganda who we are observing with very keen interest. You probably know them already.

Also, it is impossible for us not to mention the Ugandan DJ who was born in Kenya, Achiever. He has given us the Whatsapp Mixes, visited Uganda for shows, and promoted a lot of Ugandan content. It is no wonder DJ Achiever is no-stranger to Uganda’s gospel music lovers.

So, we asked a few DJs to send us a list of their top songs from 2016. This was on the basis of what ruled their mixes and/or their best songs from last year. We would like to thank those that responded on time.

2016, The Year DJs Thrive: Here Is What ruled Their Music Mix.

2016, The Year DJs Thrive: Here Is What ruled Their Music Mix.

Here are our observations from their lists.

The musicians who appeared the most on list are; Fortune Spice (9 times), Coopy Bly (6 times), Zabuli  (7 Times), D Reign (6 times), Robinsan (5 times),  Nsiima song by John Marie and Larry Charry (3 times),and  Phila Kaweesa (3 times).

Hip Hop and Rap was ably represented by Ruyonga, Barna Birungi, Lyrical Mycheal and Race T.

The artistes/songs on the list that appeared once include Don Zaabu for his Omwana We, Afrie with Yodi Yodi, Brian Lubega for Wakitiibwa, Jennifer Mirembe for her breakaway hit Omuliro, Jackie Senyonjo’s Mukama Ye Nsonga, New Chapters Africa for Binji  among others.

Other bigger songs included Lena Price with I am Light, Teyebaka by Katalina and Andre, and Deeper by JK Shine.

See for yourselves.

Deejay Hush

1 Christian Kungfu-Dreign

2 Ooh lala-Dreign & Zabuli

3 Kulukutta-Fortune Spice & Coopy Bly

4 Deeper-JK Shine

5 Daala-Fortune Spice

6 Nsiima-JohnMarie & Larry C

7 Xtra ordinaale-Radney & Zabuli

8 Making Jesus Famous-Fortune Spice

9 Kiduula-Coopy Bly

10 Teyebaka-Katalina & Andre


DJ Skamzac

  1. Grip-Barna
  2. Wrong Number-Lyll Mykk
  3. Christian Kungfu-D.Reign
  4. Ani Asinga-Race-T
  5. Making Jesus Famous-Fortune Spice
  6. Binji-NCA

7.I Know-Robinsan and Ruyonga

  1. Krazy-Radney
  2. Aerial-Joanna and Zabuli
  3. Xtra Odinaale-Radney and Zabuli


DJ Achiever

  1. Nanyini Kampala – Fortune Spice
  2. Jangu Nkulage – Robinsan
  3. Ansika Aerial – Zabuli ft Joannah Namala
  4. Ani Asinga – Race T
  5. Mukama Yensonga – Jackie Senyonjo
  6. Nyinimu – Exodus
  7. Teyebaka – Katalina and Andre
  8. Akikwasaganya – Coopy Bly
  9. Byatta – Big Ray Isaac

10.Ring Pon Yo Finger –  Phila


Byg Tim

  1. Ooh lala – Zabuli & D Reign
  2. Nanyini Kampala – Fortune Spice & Robinsan
  3. Wedding song – Philla Kaweesa
  4. Ani Asinga – Race T
  5. I am Light – Lena Price

(Byg Tim gave us only his top 5 songs of 2016.)


DJ Twonjex

  1. Batusinza Ki- Coopy BLY
  2. Yodi Yodi- Afrie
  3. Wedding Day- Phila
  4. Can We Stay- Solome
  5. Wakitiiba- Brian Lubega
  6. Rruu- Ruyonga
  7. Omuliro- Jennifer Mirembe
  8. Nsiimye- Sandra Suubi
  9. Nsiima- John Marie & Larry
  10. Nkutula- Robin San


DJ Awar

  1. NSIIMA – John Mary ft Larry Charry
  2. Making Jesus Famous – Fortune Spice
  3. Binji – New Chapter Africa
  4. Babawo – D REIGN
  5. Akikwasaganya – Coopy Bly
  6. I am Light – Lena Price
  7. Omwana We – Don Zaabu
  8. Jangu Nkulage – Robinsan
  9. Ansika Aerial – Zabuli and Joanna
  10. Wrong Number – Lyrical Michael



  1. Xtra Odinaale-Radney and Zabuli
  2. Nsiima – JohnMarie
  3. Akikwasaganya – Coopy Bly
  4. Grip – Barna
  5. Aerial – Zabuli X Joana
  6. Nanyini Kampala – Fortune spice and Robinsan
  7. Baba – Dreign
  8. Ohlala – Dreign X Zabuli
  9. Kulukutta – Fortune Spice
  10. Deeper – JK Shine

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