Ernest Rush Ready For 2017: “So Excited, tell my ex “Merry Christmas.” 

There was supposed to be an album from Ernest Rush in 2016, but, as he tells it all in this exclusive feature, many things conspired against him. Don’t be deceived, he is one happy gentleman, you have got to listen to this dope Christmas song. He told us,

“I have been waiting for an exclusive with UG Gospel Life. This shows am getting somehwere. Or so I think.


“Ernest where is your faith?”


Well! Ug Gospel life has asked me to talk about my whole year in 400words. Man you guys think summary writing was my niche huh!? But sawa, lemme pen it down for you. I have faith.

So, 2016’s been a crazy year. Crazy new people, crazy feelings, you know life, crazy new opportunities, I am talking about the birth of the #HiddenEmpire. Massive. Incase you didn’t know. Google us. Haha! All egos aside. But yeah, google the Hidden Empire, its all over social media with the same handle. @HiddenEmpireUg. Trust me, you’ll find more info you need than I can write about. Oh also youtube. Yeaah! Watch some motions too.

But basically, Hidden Empire is what John3:3 is.

“Unless you become born again, you cannot see the kingdom of God”. We are not saying our circle is the kingdom of God and the rest of the christians are naaah! Nada. We are just starting the enlightment movement for those to whom the kingdom is heed. But every one that believes, is in that Hidden Empire, that Kingdom of God.

So after we had that amazing show at papali, released #KingServe, I felt like I was sailing doe.

I was all out there speaking of my doped out album dropping this year. #Hope. if some of you remember. So my boy WordXclusive should I say is my official beat slayer. He told me sometime back they were shifting studio to a better place, so we had to hold off alittle longer. After a while, I called again, no answer. I kept on calling him, but couldnt pick up for a week man, so i decided to invade his studio uninvited. Place was straight out closed then I remembered they shifted, but I didnt know to which location. So yeah I bounced. But am fine.

So I kept on trying his number and then probably by luck, he picks up and breaks the news to me.
“Yo we got robbed”


I am like what?

He’s like.

“Man as we were shifting our stuff, thieves robbed all our equipment, everything!”

Story short.

Basically, I couldn’t make music anymore. This is like my personal favorite HipHop producer ever. And now he is down. It’s like having your favorite designer, they get you, you get them, switching to another is a major challenge. So that partly explains why I have been silent.

We had worked on 11 songs umixed and mastered though, only 4 were left. So, paint the picture. But forget about me, the stress WordXclusive went through, many other artists had their music with him too, prolly had already paid him, pressure piling up on him, his dream crumbling down, he had no choice but to go dark for a while.


I believe in loyalty and loyalty is a two way street, you are only loyal to me If I am. So I mourned for him at a distance. Refused to work with anyone else as yet. I held my ground and layed low, focused on books. He kept telling me how he’s hustling to get back up, and gave me the go ahead to work with somebody else if i wanted. But I had lost gas for this year. So i thought I’d resume next year.
So around september, I landed me a deal. Lagum offered to slay me some beats at the price of one. Dope stuff huh!? Dagg Mizzo also came through for a brother, landed me a deal to slay me some tracks at no charge at all. Hm! The plans God has. Only He knows.
So I complied them up into a total of 6tracks and decided to work on an EP instead. I kept the album tracks await till Word got up on his feet again.

It will be dropping next year.


Then Dagg introduces me to a guy called Anderstood. Man, there are some bad boys out there! This anderstood boy sent me a free beat and imediatly I listened to it, the Merry Christmass flow popped up. By that time I was still doing exams, thats earlier on this month. Another reason for delay. But I finally got my way around things penned down the lyrics, thought about writing something fun and yet alittle bit reflective on the year.



So later this month, I started writing this article for Ug Gospel Life, and you are reading it right now. So my beloved reader, what you do next, let me know, maybe I’ll pen it down here too. Hehe!!
Sorry I didn’t talk about relationship issues and all. Those ones haa, if their time comes you’ll be the first to know, but I don’t, believe that time will come. Nada.

Merry Christmas - Ernest Rush (2016 Single)

Merry Christmas – Ernest Rush (2016 Single)



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