Live Blog: Toxic Ug Benefit Concert Going Down At Kampala Serena [#ToxicUg] 

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After a long wait at the Kampala Serena Hotel lounge, the Toxic Ug Benefit Concert doors were opened to allow Gospel Music lovers to make an entry into Victoria Hall. The stage was already set. We waited for a few more minutes before Spoken Word artiste and rapper Wake performed a poetry piece written specifically for the Toxic Ug movement. This was followed by an energetic performance by Tabu Flo. Pompi was next.

Pompi At Toxic Ug Benefit Concert (Pic by Sami K)

Pompi At Toxic Ug Benefit Concert (Pic by Sami K)

“Zuhile in my language means an awakening,” Pompi said as he performed his third song after Hygiene and Broken English. He had traveled with Crazy Fish Band and as expected, the instrumentation was spot on. Kakambidwe, No Rent, Simplified among others were the songs Pompi performed at Toxic Ug Benefit Concert.

When he performed Manganizo Pandeke, he said that it means, “Thoughts on an aeroplane” and that we need to have God’s perspective when looking at things. Giant Killer was what it took for the entire crowd to get on their feet. Now, we are listening to Bactiria.

Pompi has just expressed his gratitude for the more than 5 times he has been in Uganda. He has said that Uganda is blessed. And as a dedication, Pompi is now performing Mulungu Samagona. “It’s been an awesome thing being with you in Uganda.” That is what he said before performing his last song, Pompi For President. 

Time-check, 10:09pm. For about five minutes now, we have been listening to an instrumental by a band on stage. We are certain Shifa Musisi is the next musician. We will say this, when she got on stage the first thing you notice is her lovely dress. See it below. Hers was a love-music extravaganza.

The night’s MC John Nkore told us that those who left after Pompi’s performance will miss a lot more in case he makes a second appearance on stage. Thereafter, Tabu Flo performed a contemporary routine. It was time to invite another headlining artiste, the crowd begged for Kris Erroh. They got Kris Erroh at 11:00pm.

Once he was on stage, Kris Erroh definitely had a great time performing and his energy was infectious, he successfully transmitted this to the crowd. What stood out the most when he sat on stage to deliver, My Lady. Of course all the ladies in the house acted as if this was a special dedication to them.

Kris Erroh did something that few musicians do. He introduced us to music from Kenya including Mercy Masika’s Mwema. He went on to do a hype-session. That was not all, Kris Erroh said Mimina was his all-time favorite song. “That song speaks of the relationship you have with God. It says, no matter how much you mess up, you are sticking with God.” Eeh Baba was the next song. While attempting to keep everyone updated here and on Twitter, this writer didn’t realize that everyone was already on their feet. He asked us whether we should call it a night before performing Katikiya Yesu. He Did It was his last song. Kris Erroh revealed to us that many people doubted him when he started out as a musician, but encouraged us that a Godly vision will get God’s provision.

Alas, He Did It was not the last song, Ayaya was.



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