On His Way To Becoming A Gospel Music Legend, Brian Lubega Releases Wegukubira Album At Concert 

Brian Lubega’s Amazing Grace Concert will go down in history among the top three Christian events of 2016. The team responsible for working hand in hand with Brian Lubega on the production did wonders. Whoever was responsible for training the backup vocalists ahead of the big day deserves an accolade. Brian Lubega whose heart and passion for facilitating a worship experience, did great. The stage setting was right, the band and sound was at all the highest level of excellence. All that could be done was done. 
At the event, Price Love, Blended Live Band and Sam Kimera were the opening acts, in that order. King Wesley of Spirit Fm’s Wake-up Call was the MC for the night. Brian Lubega was introduced, he led us in songs like As A Church, Takadiwa, Bunyuma, Wegukubira, Wakitiibwa among others in the first session. The presence of God was tangible, it was real. All the people in attendance were deeply engrossed in the adoration of Jesus Christ as Savior and king. 

The highly anticipated Amazing Grace Concert, though held in a very busy month attracted numerous people from all walks of life at Silver Springs Bugolobi on December 2nd. Jackie Senyonjo performed in the break before Brian Lubega’s second set. The event began at 7:00pm as announced and ended at 11:00pm. 

During the concert, Brian Lubega released his Wegukubira album. It comprises of 8 tracks with already released singles like Wakitiibwa, Wegukubira, Asannide (a Christmas song) and Kubayita (a love song). The Unreleased songs include Bunyuma, a song with the typical Black Gospel music arrangement. You might even be tempted to think that Kirk Franklin had a hand in it, only that it is entirely in Luganda. It was well executed. 

Ndi Wuwe
can easily rival Wakitiibwa, Wegukubira (on current album) and Nungamya (from previous album.) Once again, Sam Bisaso the audio producer and Brian Lubega conspire to steal our hearts with this song. If ever you felt like you lacked a sense of belonging, Ndi Wuwe is a proclamation that your life is hidden in Jesus Christ the author and finisher of your faith. You were predestined to salvation. Oli Katonda is the other song that easily makes it into this category of deeply spiritual worship songs from Brian Lubega. 

Tankwatibwa Nsonyi
is perhaps the song that directly describes God’s amazing grace. The message is that ‘God is not ashamed of you.’ Victory on the other hand is a song that talks about the victory we have in Christ. Honestly speaking, this was our least favorite of all songs on the album. 

When you listen to the album, your breath will be taken away. In as much as you can listen to the album to help facilitate your personal moments of devotion, it is something you can play in your car, on a Sunday afternoon or when you simply want to cool down. The production of Wegukubira album and its mastering is in such a way that it soothes your soul. 
When it comes to deeply spiritual music, usually most of it is lacking in terms of the quality of production, this does not happen with Brian Lubega’s album. There is no question that Brian Lubega who has received a node at the VIGA Gospel Music Awards in two different categories; Songwriter of the year for Nsiimye which was performed by Sandra Suubi, and Wegukubira was nominated in the Best Worship/Praise song of the year. If it were up to us, Brian Lubega deserves both awards but most especially the latter. It is possible that the VIGA Awards academy was spoilt for choice seeing as Wakitiibwa and other songs from Brian Lubega’s album have all been adopted and used in church worship as much as Wegukubira. This mileage alone sets him apart. 

We got a copy of Wegukubira album and listened to it prior to its release and attended the very successful Amazing Grace Concert, therefore we have concluded that Brian Lubega, an ordained minister, is on his way to becoming a Gospel music legend. He has managed to outgrow his Nungamya album and if the music from Wegukubira is given enough ‘breathing space’, the sky is not the limit. There is perhaps only one thing that Brian Lubega needs to focus on, it is to produce high quality music videos for his already popular songs. This will go a long way in widening his territory and reach. 
As we write this, Wegukubira album is already out and on sale. Reach Brian Lubega on his social media pages [Twitter & Facebook] for a copy. 
We were so honored to have served all of you as partners in bringing you Brian Lubega’s Amazing Grace Concert. God bless you. 


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