Singer Brian Lubega Shares On Song writing, And Goes In-depth On Amazing Grace Concert

Brian Lubega, a Ugandan musician confirmed to us earlier that he would be having a concert at Silver Springs Bugolobi. It will happen on the 2nd of December. Knowing Brian Lubega, his music and heart for, and of worship, we believe this concert dubbed Amazing Grace is one that you simply need to attend in person. The only reason anyone should miss is, if they did not know about the worship experience.

About the concert, Brian Lubega told us earlier that, The reason why I named it this (Amazing Grace), it’s a reminder to the church how we got this life of Christ. For so long I have seen people dropping out church thinking they are beyond repair; that nothing will ever restore them to the father. God’s heart beats for them beyond what they got themselves into. Even at your lowest point, the blood and the love of Christ still has willingness to get them where they need to be.  But also the songs that are to be sung on that day and the album are pointing people back to God unfailing love.

Given our history, we had to get to the bottom of things. We set out to meet Brian Lubega. The question is; what dont you already know about Brian Lubega? Many of you love his music because it is God-inspired. You know he is a married man with one child. You definitely know that he is a minister at Word of Life Community Church where on Sunday 13th of November, he will be ordained as a minister. You already know about his Nnungamya song, album, concerts (including Power Fm Presents Brian Lubega) and you probably already know that songs like Wakitiibwa, Wegukubira, As A Church, among others are part of the album that will be available at his Amazing Grace Concert. He told us in the interview that this concert is not an album launch.

Brian Lubega Amazing Grace Concert Details.

Brian Lubega Amazing Grace Concert Details.


Brian Lubega revealed in an earlier interview with Daily Monitor that he started out as a volunteer for Youth for Christ ministries during his Senior Six vacation. It is here that he took part in different outreaches and sponsorship came his way to study at World shapers Academy in England.

When we met to for an interview, Brian Lubega told us of the many church visits, radio and TV appearances. On a completely different note, he told us that marriage life is interesting. He told us that his song is called Nsiimye Joshua. Upon this revelation, it occurred to us that the song he wrote for Sandra Suubi is titled Nsiimye. We asked, Did you write the song intentionally for Sandra Suubi? Brian Lubega told us that it was Sandra who named the song Nsiimye. Yes he wrote the song for Sandra. Brian said that he also has a song of his own titled Nsiimye and wanted to give his son a name that brings thanksgiving to God. At this point he revealed to us that his surname is Mugabi and that Lubega is his fathers name.

Straight away, we asked about how he wrote Waleeta Essany. He said, I think we were on the phone chatting with Jackie Senyonjo because she is my friend. While having this chat and sharing, he started writing the song for Jackie Senyonjo. The way she shared what she went through is how I came up with the song. Upon telling her that he had written a song for her, at first she did not believe it. When I am writing songs, I put myself in other peoples shoes and how would God come in.

Brian Lubega told us that he has written for other musicians, but did not wish to make the information public since most of the music is unreleased. About the songs he has written for some people, he has had to hold on to those songs because he felt; the musicians were not mature enough to deliver the message.

We wondered how he is able to write for other musicians. To this he said,

When God gives you the grace to do something, it isnt hard. I dont want to write for people who want to be famous. I want to entrust the song to a mature Christian. The Bible says that Timothy was recommended by Paul. So, I dont want to just get someone who feels, I have the ability. I have the voice, They dont know that they have things that are just entrusted to them to deliver, because I have kids who can sing those songs. I have kids who can deliver. I write for those people who have a relationship with God.

After taking a breather, he continued to say, Also, I dont want to write for people who think that my style of music sells. We inquired what he meant by that. He replied, I have had several people come to me and say, Write for me, man! I want to finish my album. So, the intention is finishing the album. The intention is being heard on the radio. But, this is way bigger than being heard on the radio. When people listen to you, so what? This calm musician surely has a perspective that many need to adopt when it comes to music ministry. It is about establishing the kingdom of God and also bringing in the spirit of excellence. I dont want to write for people who have no vision to do an excellent job. I ask many things. Where do you fellowship? Why are you doing the things that you are doing? There is a difference between saying, I can sing. It is another to say, I can minister. Brian Lubega says, even if someone is paying to attach value to the gift God has given him, he does not write without putting all the above factors into consideration.

What else would you like to know about Brian Lubega? There’s so much to tell. He told us that while writing for his album and in his interactions with people, many have fallen and walked away because they feel like God cannot restore them. This is where “Amazing Grace” comes in. It is not a license to sin but to return God boldly. This worship concert is definitely not about Brian Lubega but a gathering of saints to worship the almighty God.

Count yourself blessed to have received this information, we invite you to come along with friends on the 2nd of December. Come and crown this year in one amazing concert. It would have been good for us to make a mention of all the musicians who will be there, but, that is besides the point. Come with an expectant heart.

Of course, you will part with a small fee of 30,000 sailing for an ordinary ticket and 60,000 shillings for a VIP ticket. You could find these tickets at all Vine Pharmacy outlets. Although tickets will be available on that day, it is highly advisable that you get yours early. Brian Lubega’s concert which will see the release of his album is something that many have been waiting for.

We will keep you updated on all developments via our social media pages. [@UgGospelLife]


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