Singer Silver Kyagulanyi, A Lawyer Shares About Witchcraft & How He Almost Became A Priest. 

Recently, Silver Kyagulanyi was a part of a networking event. We will ignore all the amazing things that happened at the Red Sofa Sessions and simply tell the Silver Kyagulanyi story. He performed his popular Olunaku Luno song before being on the spot as they had a chat with Ronnie Habasa who was the event’s host.

[L-R] The Sunday Breakfast Show Host Reagan, Sandra Suubi, and DJ AWAR.

Singer Sandra Suubi (Middle] takes selfie with Reagan of The Sunday Breakfast Show & DJ AWAR at Red Sofa Sessions.

Silver Kyagulanyi started music in 1998. In addition to music, he is also lawyer by profession. As much as music is what he is known for, Silver is a father, audio producer, songwriter among other things. He had wanted to be a priest. This he revealed at the Red Sofa Sessions. Can you just imagine that? Indeed God be praised that in 2001, he became a Born Again Christian.

He said, “I accepted Christ in the vibrant way in 2001 but grew up a catholic. I joined the seminary at 9. The seminary emphasized music so I led and conducted the choir.” His interest in music started in Primary school while at a Seminary. He went to Nswangere Seminary where he was a choir director. It was in this place where he discovered what it meant to have a calling on his life. When he started out as a singer on a serious note, it was at Christ The King Church. While chatting with Power Fm’s Ronnir Habasa, he recalled a time when he went to a shop where he desired to buy things on credit. As much as his song was playing in that shop, they refused to sell to him on credit because he had previous debts from the same shop to pay.

There was this intriguing story of how his friend introduced him to witchcraft. He practiced this for awhile before realizing that it was not working for him, so he quit. In the same breath, he told of the importance of having the right friends saying, “Your friends will always give you what they have.”

Silver Kyagulanyi Shares Life At Red Sofa Sessions

Silver Kyagulanyi Shares Life At Red Sofa Sessions


Back to his musical journey, Silver Kyagulanyi said that after his first album, the second year was, in his own words, dry. “When I worked on the third I prayed. The third album was a huge success.”

Considering that Silver Kyagulanyi is a father and husband who will celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2017 shared some lessons he has learned as a married man. Speaking on marriage, he said it needs interdependence and complimenting each other. He said that marriage taught him to be emotionally independent. Furthermore, “Marriage is more of 7 parts forgiveness of sins and 3 parts display of love.”

Silver Kyagulanyi On The Hot Red Sofa Sessions Seat With Ronnie Habasa

Silver Kyagulanyi On The Hot Red Sofa Sessions Seat With Ronnie Habasa

When asked about music and money, he simply said that people need to have a value system in life. He added that, “Music works with who you are.” At 23 years of age, the popular musician was already staying in his own house. “I was not really desperate. When you are doing music, you don’t need to be very desperate. Attach value to your music. An artist should work out things early so they enjoy ministry. I was a singer but more so, a songwriter. As a songwriter, I saw myself better through what I had done for others. A seed of faith kept me going. As I wrote songs I realised I would need a studio so I opened one in 2005. I also started doing media services alongside music.”
[L - R] Red Sofa Sessions Vision bearer, Shadrack Kuteesa, Ronnie Habasa and Paul Ekky.

[L – R] Red Sofa Sessions Vision bearer, Shadrack Kuteesa, Ronnie Habasa and Paul Ekky.


After this, Silver Kyagulanyi revealed that he graduated from Law School with a first class degree. The critically acclaimed songwriter sung his latest released single, Ekyamagero, said a closing prayer and delivered one more song, Kankusinze.

It was a night well-spent, we had a great time.

We will keep you posted on the next Red Sofa Sessions.


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