Speechless After Listening To Nsiimye By Sandra Suubi

Sam Bisaso a prominent bassist and music producer is responsible for the production, whereas vocal powerhouse Sandra Suubi is solely to blame for the great vocal play in Nsiimye. Nsiimye is Luganda for, ‘I am grateful.’ Nsiimye was written by Brian Lubega who also lent his songwriting abilities to Jackie Senyonjo on Waleeta Essanyu. We decided to avoid the obvious direction that the song takes and made a deliberate effort to find out from Sandra Suubi what exactly she is grateful for.

Sandra Suubi said that, “An entire song is not even enough to express my gratitude to God. Well, I am great full to God, that he chose me to know him by his grace, this is something you never take for granted, for some many people do not know him. Then he has really taken care of me since my childhood, my family, and I had a couple of challenges at a point in my life as a person and it was only God who helped me go through it, and when I look how far he has brought me, all I can do is to be grateful to him.” She went ahead to tell us, she is grateful for her life, family and friends. 

Sandra Suubi, an Airtel Trace Music competition winner added this victory to the things she is grateful for. “The gift of victory during the competition and the overwhelming support that I received. The lessons I have learnt before, during and after the experience have made me better as a person and taught me so much about my about my gifting.” img_20161101_021005.jpg

Our small chat with her revealed that she is one thankful person. Looking forward to the things ahead, Sandra Suubi said, she is thankful for, “A beautiful 2016 that is coming to an end and the awesomeness that is to come 2017. In addition, I am grateful for the completion of my Masters Degree in Fine Art.” And as if to crown it all, she revealed, “My album Anthems Of Life that is comingbout early next year.” With what seemed a deep sigh of joy, she ended with, “The list is endless.”

The album Anthems Of Life comes our early next year and, Sandra Suubi told us that the single Nsiimye is part of that project. She concluded with, “I am very excited about this album which I believe: each song is an Anthem to different elements of life Nsiimye (Thanksgiving to God) being one.”

After listening to the song, we were speechless. How did you react upon listening to this song for the very first time?

Listen to the song Nsiimye here.


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