Cooper & G Way Talk About Mapamboli on The Sunday Breakfast.

If Twitter is anything to go by, one of the top most popular shows on Sunday is The Sunday breakfast, hosted by one who many know as Reagan. We should do a feature soon, but that’s not why many of you opened this blog post.

Recently he hosted Cooper and G Way. We were tuned into the show and found most of what was discussed so relevant for our times. After exchanging pleasantries, it was time to find out what drives Cooper and G Way and what G Way is all about. He said, “Life can be challenging sometimes but we insist that it has to go God’s way.”

The group, in Cooper’s own words consists of about 12 to 13 consistent on-stage members. When you include their PR, Manager and the other people working behind the scenes, they make up to 30 people. They are based at Miracle Centre Cathedral under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Robert Kayanja. “We are a group of people who don’t want to keep it on the pulpit but have decided to bring forth everything that God places on our hearts, in form of a song or something. We want to leave a mark.”

Mampamboli - G Way

What we discovered is that Mapamboli was written by the gentlemen in G Way other than Cooper himself. Cooper said in an interview, “Initially it was me writing, but as time goes on, you realize that you have talent to groom.”

Have you ever wondered why a good number of musicians come from Miracle center? Cooper of G Way said that in addition to prayer and teaching one how to prepare for ministry, they are taught the discipline of a minister at Miracle Center. Exodus, Mafuta, Proclaim Kids are among the many who have sprouted from the church.

Paraphrasing what he had to say on the importance of faith in the life of a minister, Cooper said, “If you do not have faith enough to get money for the uniforms, what convinces me that you will have faith to believe for a miracle in the life of those you are ministering to?” And, to the artists who are disappointed in their church for lack of financial support, “You cannot grow without a church. You cannot grow without a spiritual covering.”


“Allowing everyone bring something to the table makes it more beautiful.” Cooper said this as he mentioned that Mapamboli means I am blessed and that Macka and Mishack did the initial songwriting. The rest just added a few things to the song. It was recorded by D King.
To the artists who are self centered, Cooper had this to say, “If you have a heart to share with friends, you will enjoy this journey for a much longer time.” Cooper added that all he does is, do what he can and leave the rest to God. He said that God knows exactly why He brought each member and that He alone can keep them together. He said that, as long as the group prays together, they will stay together. “Have moments together. Build good experiences. When things are hard, nobody will leave a place where they have good memories.”

Here is Cooper & G Way’s Mapamboli Audio


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