As Promised, Sseku Martin Did Not Disappoint at Now Or Never Concert.

While thinking about this review, the phrase that kept popping up was, “Big Is Big.” This has now been modified to, “A Legend is a Legend.” Sseku Martin’s Now Or Never Concert was a success and saw an overwhelming number of VIPs filling Garden City Rooftops. It was expected that many more youths would purchase the ordinary tickets that went for a miserable 15,000 shillings. As much as many tuned up, this was more a VIP-kind-of-show. Want to know what happened? Read on. 

Dancing paka chini, Sseku Martin’s Performance did not disappoint.

Rodney, a budding Hip-Hop musician, Lyrical Mycheal, JK Shine, Jonas Rhymes, Zabuli, Reborn Status among others were the first few musicians to make us feel at home. They all did a great job of preparing us for the legends himself. Power Fm’s Godwin Muhumuza who hosts the weekday show Hitlist was the MC for the night. He did a great job, even of reminding the audience at the end of the show to tune in to his show. Paul Selah was was again in the building. He is becoming a face so popular at every event we have attended in the recent past. He was at Lounge Night, Prime Time, and at all these events, he was the man in charge of getting the crowd warmed up. Job well done.

Camera Moment, Godwin and Sseku Martin at his concert.

Amidst screams and a standing ovation, Sseku Martin was invited onto the stage. During the show he had two sessions with a break that saw Coopy Bly, and Levixone both give a minute’s performances each. To say that Sseku Martin’s performance was highly energetic and full of awesome dance moves and summer saulting, will be stating the obvious. It was filled with some of those songs we know so well and his more recent songs. The power of music was put to test, in that, people still loved those timeless tunes more than the new songs. Koona Endongo got people dancing, Nasuzze Mukidongo did the same whereas Siritya made many in the audience raise their hand in faith and declare the trust in God who is able to see them through all the trials and tibulations. The latter song was opened up by two vocally gifted female vocalists before they were joined by Sseku Martin. It went from the hymnal kind of delivery to the more upbeat Sseku style. It was epic.

“Let the little ones come to Sseku Martin’s  concerts.” Always family friendly.

The entire show was a mixture of what seemed spontaneous moments of glorifying and worshiping God, testimonies, visions of heaven, song inspiration and great performances some of which involved Vision With Hope dancers.

Of course you missed.

During the show, Sseku Martin’s protégé Don Emma was prayed for and released into the music industry. Minutes later, Ronnie Habasa was was in attendance tweeted announcing to the whole world to watch out for the singer. Don Emma performed at the event as well.

Rising Rapper, Rodn3y and Zabuli perform their new release, Extraordinale.

The sound during the event was spot on, however there were was a less than smooth flow of events as a good number of speeches were made and we thought those irrelevant. Other than that, it was a great success.

We were proud sponsors of the event as well.


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