Robin San Rekindles Our Love For Jangu Nkulage With Epic Video. [Review]

Who needs a good story in the music video when the dancers are bringing the heat? This is the question your write had in mind while watching Robin San’s new Jangu Nkulage music video. The second question is, if the dances do a great job of communicating the message, must we have the drama that many people demand for in a music video? You have to respond to these questions by watching the music video. Robin San has joined the list of musicians who have released music videos that make you stop whatever you are doing and pay attention.

The dancers and constantly pulling those moves that appear to be inviting viewers to come as they are. For those who do not understand Luganda, Jangu Nkulage is an invitation made by Robin San to his listeners to come as they are. As many people found this song audio to be a gem, this writer was not particularly convinced. Many critics even hinted on the fact that, in comparison to Simple Life, Jangu Nkulaga perhaps did not match the HIT Awards 2015 artiste of the year’s capabilities. Perhaps, with the music video many of the critics like this writer will be fully converted. Of course, those of you who caught on to the fever much earlier are going to love the song even more.

One thing was certain when Robin San released the audio, that this Jangu Nkulage song was set to becoming a big hit. It stayed on a number of radio countdowns for about two months before making an exit. It was further rumored that the singer was set to hold a concert and had released songs such as “I Know” with Ruyonga in preparation for the said event. Apparently, the fans of Robin San will have to wait a lot longer as the singer may have seen it wise to postpone his, amidst numerous gospel events.

Why must we keep you waiting? Watch the music video below. you will see Coopy Bly and levixone in the video singing along. The video director, Woko Derrick of Toltape Films deserves a mention.


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