Reclaiming His Rightful Place, Sseku Martin Ready To Thrill At Now Or Never Concert.

In a recent interview, Martin Ssekubulwa described himself as ‘Kindom driven.’ The Siritya hit maker who is a living legend in his own right revealed that he will be holding an annual concert. This is the reason why we had to ask how he manages to stay relevant. Sseku Martin, as he is popularly known, said he is focused on Jesus as his prize.

He told us that when he began “as a minister it was all about ministry. In the late 90s and early 2000s, music became commercial. It required a lot of financial investment in terms of audio and music video production. I struggled with finances to promote my music.” Owing to this struggle, Martin Sseku said, “That is why I had to learn production to be able to keep myself going.” In addition to that, he says a lot of people discouraged him. To give you some perspective, the singer who will headline a concert dubbed ‘Now Or Never’ reminded us of the days when some people viewed dancing as a taboo in church. He told us, “I just loved what I was doing and kept on going. One thing I do to keep myself going is focus on my ideologies and vision. So I barely listen to what people say about me, especially the negative things. I keep to my inner convictions. I follow my heart no matter what. I pray and trust in God. I have hope every day. No one can hurt me to the point when I cannot love again. I do not waste time. Those things keep me going.”


The highly self and God-motivated musician says that he is pleased with the way Christian musicians are focusing on quality music and videos. This he says was not the case about 5 years ago. Of course, he also added that they (new musicians) need to be more creative and diverse in their style and delivery as this will propel the industry to greater heights. Given a chance, Sseku Martin says he would do everything he has done throughout the year again. He cherishes his time with God and, if those were concerts, he wouldn’t mind having a live experience weekly with all his friends and fans.


Sseku Martin grew up in Kampala city and was born in a family of 5 children. He is the second born to his parents. He told us that he was very active as a boy, very playful and loving. This doesn’t come as a surprise seeing as the singer/dancer is like an energy-god on stage. His engagement with the crowd is unrivalled. He has been a great part of our lives as Christians and kampala is filled with excitement ahead of his ‘Now Or Never’ concert.Sseku Martin Now Or Never  Music concert

Given the role he now plays in the music industry as a mentor and father-figure, we had to pick his mind on whether musicians should be paid or not, and how this should be handled. He said, “Things have changed. We used to sing by faith, eat by faith and move by faith. We still have faith but, life has changed. Things are too expensive. A gift should take care of the beholder. A man’s gift opens doors for him, so musicians should be paid if it is a concert and appreciated in ministry.” The father of two said that musicians are equally ministers and gifted as pastor or prophets and if you need them to come and minister please facilitate them. He continued to urge that one should not just say, “God bless you.”


There was a season when it seemed Sseku Martin was quiet. During this time, he was focusing on building his ability to go international and reach out to a much bigger audience. In this sabbatical he was still doing music and writing songs. He also attributed this silence to a few family issues. He was and still is raising two daughters who he described as beautiful. If this interview revealed anything, it is that Sseku Martin is a family man who is a building a future for his daughters. This is very commendable. We honour him for that.


Of course, as you may know, he made a return to the industry, held a concert last year and is having one this year. He described ‘Now Or Never’ as a ‘cutting edge concept of refusing to be limited by the unseen forces and deciding to take it to another level.’ Speaking with much enthusiasm, he said, “I encouraging everyone that they can do it. Get up and say, it is Now or Never.” This concert, he says, will be an entirely live musical because he has been training to do that for the last 18 years. He says that this year will be a testament to his dynamism and growth which happens almost daily. “I am a very unpredictable person. You can never know what is coming next. So, the anointing has increased. The energy is amazing. The band is great, just like the sound will be.”


He put our inquiry to rest with all of this revelation and farther told us that he has a new album titled Gravity Loss and it has seven tracks. In addition, he responded that ‘Now Or Never’ will define him as the man taking charge of his situation and getting back his position in a field he has given himself to for the last 18 years. “It is time to get back my flag and let people see my unique art in music and performance.”



Citing the likes of Coopy bly, zabuli, Don Ema, and Preacherman as the musicians he believes are ready to lift Gospel Music higher, Sseku Martin left a message to all his fans. “I do this music for you, your families, kids and generations to come. When you support me, you support the kingdom. Things have changed and I want you to be a part of this change and experience.” He said that, come September the 3rd, his music and ministry won’t leave you the same. So, it is now or never.


His parting shots were, “I love God and our Kingdom reigns forever. He is the reason I do. I do this to get as many people as possible into His kingdom.” On that note, invite all your friends to Garden City Rooftop this September the 3rd, 2016 and come with 15,000 shillings or 50,000 shillings for ordinary or VIP Tickets respectively. Also, a table for five can be booked at a fee of only 200,000. You could actually do this at the Power Fm reception.


Levixone, Coopy Bly, Fortune Spice, Zabuli, Reborn Status among others will be present. And of course, we will be present too. Follow all the action on our Social Media pages under the #SsekuMartinLive hashtag.


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