Submission Opened For Inaugural Uganda Hip Hop Awards


Is Hip Hop Music a genre that can thrive in Africa? Can it beat the more popular genres like Afropop, Afrobeat, Zouk, dancehall and a fusion of current beats into traditional sounds from all across Uganda? Has Hip Hop and rap received the much needed airplay? Will the media houses take a moment, stop and listen to the rhyming and flow to dope beats? These and more questions remain unanswered but, perhaps the Uganda Hip Hop Music Awards has an answer.

The multi-million dollar question to ask is why the awards committee did not let Christian/Gospel Hip Hop be a stand-alone category. The good news is, the ground is levelled for all and one can submit their music for any of the categories mentioned in this article.

The team organising the award has announced that nominations were opened on the 15th August 2016. The closing date for entries is the 15th September 2016.

Entry Forms, Rules and Regulations and Submission form can be filled and submitted Here.

An Artist may be entered into multiple categories and link to their music/video is required per artist.

Entries received are then screened for compliance with the relevant rules and to check whether such entries are entered in the correct categories.  The purpose of this process, known as vetting, is to ensure that each entry is eligible, in the right category and is not at risk of disqualification. The UG Hip‐

Hop Awards panel performs this function.  No artistic or technical judgments are made about entries at this stage.

Ug Hip Hop Awards

Entries into incorrect categories are recommended for placement in the appropriate categories during vetting, in consultation with the entering record company. Entries that do not comply with the rules are disqualified.

A panel adjudicates all the categories in the awards, with the exception of the UG Hip‐Hop Awards

Special Awards namely Lifetime Achiever, media personality of the year and hustler of the year. The panel of judges are reviewed annually, and are selected for their impartiality and expertise in their respective fields.

Entries  are  forwarded  to  the  panel  who  adjudicate  according  to  strict  guidelines,  which  include applying the judging criteria for each category and their expert knowledge of the artists, music, the market and the music industry in general.

In the interest of uniformity and transparency, the panel is required  to sit in  together  to vote and return results on prescribed forms in the presence of auditors. Results are then collated into auditable sets.


Song of the year

Video of the year

Album of the year

Male artist of the year

Female artist of the year

Inspirational song of the year

Rookie of the year

Collaboration of the year

Producer of the year

Diaspora Artist of the year

Eastern Uganda artist of the year

Northern Uganda artist of the year

Western Uganda artist of the year

Central Uganda artist of the year

Lyricist of the year

Hip‐Hop Deejay of the year

Mixtape of the year

Hip‐Hop media personality of the year

Sweet 16



Hustler of the year

Lifetime Achiever


Submit Your Nomination Here.

2 responses to “Submission Opened For Inaugural Uganda Hip Hop Awards

  1. Its a great pleasure for all the ugandan rappers. Being the first time for it to happen, lets give it time to perfet everything and we hope and pray that time to come CHH/holy hip hop will be put into consideration. thank u.


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