Life, Smiles & Color in Cooper & G Way’s Okikol’otya Music Video

Finally. Finally. Finally. G Way has released the most anticipated music video for their chart-topping single Okikol’otya. HIT Awards best music producer, Jim Reel who shared a captivating story during the acceptance speech together with Sanyuka Pictures are to be credited for a job well done. James Mugagga aka Jim Reel told us how vidoegraphy was a life saver during a trying time when he felt like life had no meaning and should end. The picture quality is on point, the shots are perfect and the crew does a great job of bringing life to it with their youthfulness. 

Cooper is seen taking a walk on the streets,  jumping up and down with excitement. Then, he is shown driving a car on streets that  look like some Western country but this seems to be our own Uganda. While driving this car, Cooper occasionally takes his hands off the steering wheel due to excitement, but not for long. Don’t try this at home. 

When the words, “You’re my prized possession. I ccould never trade you for anything”start, our lead character is now in what looks like a million-dollar house – not that we have seen one, but just know, it is a beautiful structure. This gives us perspective because, Cooper is shedding light on the fact that he can’t trade Jesus for anything. Much of the video takes place here with a great number of shots showing the ladies singing the backups and ad libs. 

The gentlemen are also shown in this house, but what caught our attention was their playfulness in what looked like a tea plantation. Shots showing the sunset flashing on a female vocalist’s face and much more in this location makes you fall in love with Uganda. 

Make sure you look out for King Wesley of The wake-up Call on Spirit Fm in the video. 

We recently discovered that Cooper and G Way are about to release some great music. In this unofficial chat, it became apparent that the Okikol’otya video must be released ahead of the many great things that the group will do this year. Also, owing to our spying activities, we discovered that Cooper, the vision bearer and team leader at G Way is featured in a Charmant Mushanga single that celebrates Africa. This song  is titled, Ngoma Ya Africa. 

In a statement to Ug Gospel Life, Cooper said, “Ngoma ya Africa was inspired by the African culture and way of life. It doesn’t fall   into our traditional gospel genre but can be considered as inspirational music.” 

We are so waiting for the song, and it feature Naava Grey too. 

Here is the Cooper and G Way music video, watch it now. 


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