Queen Of Love, Solome Basuuta Releases “Can We Stay” From Upcoming EP.

We shall find the simplest way of emphasizing the fact that you need to download Solome Basuuta’s latest single that has got online platforms extremely expectant. The “I Met Man” musician who recently walked away with the Female Artist of the Year accolade at HIT AWARDS 2016 is releasing music for couples to celebrate each other. This she revealed to us saying, it is to remind couples that they are loved and deserve to be loved.


If you thought The Song Love album which launched the rising star award-winning artiste was the only project she would release, think again. The Worship Harvest-bred singer is already threatening to release an EP later this year or next year titled “Song Of Solome.” Judging by this single which our team was honored to pre-listen to before release, she is planning to keep couples sorted with music they can dedicate to each other and revive those experiences of just the two of them. It also seems that the Bible book of Song of songs was a great inspiration to the Vocalist.

Why must we keep you waiting any longer? Here is the download link.

About the songwriting process, this is what Solome Basuuta had to say on camera.


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