Canaan Gents Unveiled At Power Fm Presents: A Moment By Moment Review. 

Watoto Church pastor and Ruth, both great vocalists led us to an electric start with their rendition of Donnie McCklurkin and Yolanda Adam’s Pray song. There were constant screams of excitement from the crowd during the entire performance. Thereafter came, Brian Lubega who just recently was blessed with a baby boy. He sung his popular Wegukubira single. Quit the vocal performance actually. A few hands were lifted during the entire song. Just when we thought it was done, he introduced Wakitiibwa. It felt just right. He has lived beyond his breakaway hit, Nnungamya. 

Ronnie Habasa of the Kickstart morning show on Power Fm returned to do some namedropping of artistes who were in the building as Canaan Gents made for the stage. Lights were turned off and left to focus on Ronnie. He got the crowd engaged with his choir directing skills. 


First came a good performance of their single, Sing. This seems to be among their most popular tunes. After this, one of the singers says, “This is about you.” Then he adds, “This is about God.” Then they introduced Azalidwa, a song they released during Christmas in 2015. There was a great unity among the five-man team. In the middle of this song performance,  there was a Kiganda dance by Samuel Lubwama who was joined by other singers of the group and later on by two ladies, as if to show the gentlemen how it is done. 

“Live your Ways” was introduced by the beat boxer of the group. After the total showoff of his skills (we were jealous), there was the snapping of fingers, then the song itself was started. After that performance, they told us “Canaan Gents started in UCU. And this next song we are going to perform will explain why.” What came next was the removal of their jackets. Seats were brought to the stage. They placed their jackets over the seats,sat and started singing. The song Unfailing Love was dedicated to a one, Uncle Michael. It was also dedicated to those seeking comfort and hope. We were invited to join in the worship as the song was sung in the background by the rest of the musicians. This moment right here was awesome. 

“In God we find perfect love. And perfect love casts away all fear.” Pastor Brian Abaho shared the story of the lady caught in the act of adultery. “Jesus did not condemn her. If you have no sin, cast the first stone.” This was the time for a call for the prodigal sons and daughters of God to return to the unfailing love of Jesus. “He did it for me over 18 years ago.” Pastor Brian Abaho went ahead to say, “Unfailing Love demands a response.” A prayer was made, Canaan Gents hummed this song the whole time, an alter call was made, and lives were changed. 

This was the end of the first session. It was already 8:00pm. Ronnie was back to make some jokes about us coming in large numbers, because it’s a free show. When he introduced Coopy Bly and fiancé, the crowd was thrilled. They screamed. We gave towards the ministry of Canaan Gents. 

Isaiah Katumwa was introduced. He came with his son. The boy sung one line and the crowd was won-over. Isaiah then performed his “Nobody Like Jesus” piece. He made a mention of the fact that he gave his life to Jesus when he was poor, but now, he isn’t. Thanks to Jesus indeed – even for that performance.

The Canaan Gents were interviewed by Ronnie Habasa. They had made a change of dress code. Thereafter, they performed Jesus Lives, Nkwagala [where Samuel Lubwama rapped Benezeri’s part] as if to fulfill the dare we had, that if the acapella singing Gents rap, DJ Twonjex would have a collaboration with Ruyonga. Over to you Twonjex. The show was showing signs of coming to an end. They walked of with roses in their hands and gave them at random to fans. The house (mostly ladies actually) went into a frenzy. They were invited back to the stage by Ronnie Habasa. Ronnie was the only one allowed to ask the Gents to dedicate a song to his wife. By the looks of things, the ladies enjoyed this show a lot more than the men in the house. 
There was a final performance after the introduction of “Power Partner,” A prayer of blessing from the pastors and elders in the house for Canaan Gents. About that performance, it had a bit of Babawo (D Reign), Simplified (Pompi), Big Goddo (Cooper and G Way), I know Who I am(Sinach), Love Love (HolyKeane  Amooti), step Up (Papa San), and then of course, Holy Keane Amooti joined them on stage. A prayer was made for all artists and for Gospel music from Uganda to reach out to the farthest parts of the earth. An announcement was made for both Seku Martin and Coopy Bly’s concert. 

You should have been there to witness what we have just described. It was fire. As you can tell, the show was hard to bring to an end. In fact, Kimera and the Canaan Gents performed Upto Something. It was really a freestyle session. Thereafter, the artistes in attendance took turns to sing a bit of their songs as chosen by the DJ for the night, Xris. 

That was it. Canaan Gents were unveiled by Power  Fm at Watoto Church. One thing is for certain, the people in attendance had a great time and it was truly different and more vocal. A side note, while the host was introducing the artistes who have been showcased in the previous years, it struck us as odd that only one lady, Jackie SENYONJO made it to the platform offered by Power Fm. Hopefully next year it is Zabuli, or some female. In this case, of course there is a lot to do to lift the ladies up. 

Pic via Brian Kambaho K


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