The Re-brand is Complete, Lyrical Mycheal Recounts Life Story & Growth.


The early 1990’s saw the birth of a male child – a love child born out of wedlock. Micheal Christian Jacobs, who is a Ugandan, in case you are wondering, is blessed to have both parents alive but each currently married to different people. His childhood like that of most Ugandan children was trying. Given his predicament, he faced rejection from both sides of his family. Michael recounts an incident involving being sent to purchase alcohol by his biological father, who would, upon getting drunk beat him badly. He fainted on multiple occasions.

Uganda’s Micheal Christian Jacobs aka Lyrical Mycheal is a testament that there is indeed a God in the heavens who is the father to the fatherless. His earthly father often went beyond the beating. Once, he used a sack to restrain Micheal, held a knife in his hands and promised to slaughter his son like a chicken. The sad tales are many. Others involve an ax that was released to wound Michael’s neck. He was lying on the ground in obedience. These nightmares and a deep passion for Uganda’s children and youth is what led Micheal Christian to initiate Wuluguma Arts Foundation, a Children and Youth center for Creativity, Arts, Education and Talent Development serving gifted young people with disadvantaged backgrounds in Uganda.

What do you think happened to transition Micheal Christian Jacobs from the disadvantaged child into a passionate leader and artiste? Yes, all this while, we are writing about Lyll Mykk. Do not get so comfortable with that Lyll Mykk name. As a matter of fact, this article is to inform you of the name change to LYRICAL MYCHEAL.

Formerly known as Lyll Mykk, now Lyrical Mykk, his desire to join the music industry started while he was studying at Manjasi high school where he used to perform songs from the likes of Ja Rule. He loved and played soccer but rapping got him more attention and high-school fame. He then encountered Luga Flow from GNL Zamba – Lyrical Micheal was inspired. He says his life changed in 2010 when he surrendered it all to Jesus Christ. With his conversion, Rubaga Miracle Centre pastor Robert Kayanja prophesied that he would be a great music minister. He did not abandon his passion for soccer, but says that, because he did not have an opportunity, he could not pursue it further. In fact, Wuluguma Arts Foundation is also offering youth a platform to explore their talent.

With all this growth as a person and the realization that many did not understand that Lyll Mykk was short for Lyrical Mycheal, he has made it official with a re-brand. He revealed this in a statement saying,

Lyrical Mycheal is the new official career name.

“It has been a long journey for me as a servant of God, person and artiste. I can now say I am ready to launch into the deep. My journey as lyll mykk has been amazing. I appreciate the love and support shown by my Fans. From the days of Ensi Ya Yesu, a song many of you do not know, to You can be a star, with Andrea Presson my official professionally-released song and thereafter, the more popular singles including Love Is Enough (ft AJ Dead), Super Hero (ft Hannah Marie), Yesu Yabikola (ft Andrea Presson, Timoteo, Joe Hunt, Skills), Tear Drops (ft Jeremaih from Malawi), and music from my Square The Circles project released earlier in 2013, I can say I have grown. With the establishment of Wuluguma Arts Foundation and my breakaway single, Wrong Number, it has become necessary for me to bring clarity to the brand.

I simply cannot believe how many lovely memories we have created. A big fat thank you to everyone involved. One Love, and blessings to everyone reading this. You are a part of something bigger than me. After Self discovery and personal development both musically and spiritually, I felt it only right to step forth into the fullness of my stage name Lyrical Mycheal instead of the abbreviation Lyll Mykk. Lyrical Mycheal is the right representation of the new person, sound and the project(s). I have evolved.

I really want people to see in my music the distinction between a painting on canvas and a print from the gift shop across the street. What I mean is, I have become the original copy of the artist God made me to be. Those who saw me as the kid rapper with imaginative stories and compelling emotions that captivated them beautifully, referred to me as Micheal the Lyricist.

I am inspired by the idea of making music that lifts other people up and reassures them. My discovery is that many people desire the feeling of Love, peace, Joy, and happiness in their lives. It vexes my heart that they are looking for that in the wrong places. My creative juices flow when I write pieces that point people into the right direction which is the opportunity of knowing Jesus Christ and living in His light. It is endlessly inspiring to know that by Gods grace I can make a difference in people’s attitudes toward themselves and their own lives.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have now officially re-branded to Lyrical Mycheal.

This statement has been officially released by Micheal Christian Jacobs aka Lyrical Mycheal.”

When his music video for Wrong Number is released, we will drop it here. Do remember to return when he announces the release.


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